Tuesday, April 10, 2007

From The Department of Silver Linings

First of all, you could have knocked me over with a feather with the news that Don Imus (left) was still alive. I always figured that guy on MSNBC at such an ungodly hour was some sort of mummified corpse used for decoration, much in the vein of a cigar store Indian.

But now that Imus has gotten himself into hot water over his racist comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team, not only do I know that he's still alive, but the media frenzy over said comments has also shed light on one of the more frustrating grammatical questions of the internet age: the correct pluralization of the word "ho." At last! AP style has finally weighed in and made it easier for every writer reviewing a Lil' Kim album or the new season of VH1's Flavor of Love: Charm School.

So now we all know: it's not "hoes" (that's still reserved for the province of gardening in the 1920s) and it's not "ho's" (that's what you use when talking about objects -- hot pants, lack of self-esteem, Johns -- that belong to the ho in question). The correct spelling is indeed "hos." And while it may cause some confusion with the word "hoss" -- to the point where my Mom asked at Easter brunch if I'd heard about Imus calling these women "nappy-headed hosses," which, knowing Imus, and knowing the prevailing stereotype about women basketball players, seemed as plausible an insult as any -- it's good to know we have a standard to go by.

So thank you, Don Imus! The re-animation of your corpse has at least done some good for the universe.


Evorgleb said...

If anyone cares to read it, One of our writers on Highbrid Nation actually worked wit Imus over the last few years and had some really interesting things to say about the whole situation with Imus and he also has some inside info that the media hasn't mentioned about the whole story.

NYOne said...

Now we can begin debating the correct spelling of "Hoolihay". Potes and Rich from fourfour are going with "Wholahay". I smell a throwdown.

NYOne said...

Never mind. I saw the screen cap with the correct spelling.

Joe R. said...

Oh, I'm sure Potes and Rich have it right. They have to pay super-close attention to the episode and screencap it and such. I will always bow to their superior ANTM proweses(...es?).

I think I just went with "Hoolihay" because it sounds like "Hoolihans," which used to be a bar in my neighborhood.

Sticky Keys said...

I think both are correct, sadly I've seen the word spelled both ways outside of ANTM and this blog.


As for the whole Imus thing, one one hand, Shut up Don Imus, on the other hand, Shut up Al Sharpton, and on the third hand, WHO IS DON IMUS?!

Is how I feel about it.

Sars said...

"Prowesses." hee.

That Bootleg Guy said...

Lil' Kim jokes, Joe? That's just lazy writing, if you ask me. Now, when does "Tom Cruise Season" start for you again?


Joe R. said...

Man, you know the only reason I didn't hyperlink one of your articles to that name was because I forgot, right.

And here's hoping that the TomKat divorce takes us clean through summertime.

Sticky Keys said...

I'm sorry, the Tomkat what?!

I thought she was preggers again? MY INTOUCH MAG TOLD ME SO!