Monday, March 05, 2007

Snow Patrol, We Meet Again

I've got jury duty this week, which likely means minimal blog updating. In the meantime, check out some YouTubey goodness. This is the last five minutes of the series premiere of The Black Donnellys. I was episode two, and I'm officially onboard. The pilot was hit and miss, but I've seen the ending about five times now, and it still smacks me right between the eyes each time. And I've discovered yet another Snow Patrol song via the magic of product placement! Will wonders never cease? Anyway, I've been won over by the show's dunderheaded charms. Check it.


NYOne said...

Meh. I'm sticking around for a few weeks to see Tommy and Olivia from the OC get it on, but other than that I don't think I care about much else on this show. I just find myself wondering why I would ever root for these guys, which is something that never even occured to me watching, say, the Sopranos.
Snow Patrol is as always wonderful. Have you seen the alternate ending with Arcade Fire? (Not alternate ending like Clue; the music is the only thing different).

Pinky Tuscadaro said...

I love the Black Donelleys. Really. I love that show like I love Heroes. Which is a lot. And Jonathan Tucker totally works that role. I want to eat him up. Really. With my mouth. Especially that one scene when he was just in his undies hosing human blood off of himself. God help me. I would have loved to have been that water.
Read you all the time on TWoP.
Thought I would just drop by here and impose my opinion.
There it be.