Friday, March 16, 2007

Not Nearly As Cryptic NCAA Tournament Notes, Day 1

Live from sunny placid remarkably bearable considering the season (and if you ignore the wind) Buffalo, New York!

-- First things first, I readily admit we here in B'lo have the worst looking basketball court in the known world. Powder blue AND teal! Plus the floor is completely colored-in inside the three-point arc, which is not the way the Lord intended things to be. My sincere apologies to those who had to watch that on TV.

-- Getting to see the most exciting game and best finish of the first day of the tournament is awesome. Getting to see Duke take it on the chin in the first round is even more awesome.

-- Duke fans are dooooouchebags.* Being a Yankee fan, I have made a pledge not to throw around the term "bandwagoner" unless it's in reference to the Red Sox. But Duke fans are another exception. Way to cheer for the whitest team on the court at all times, Buffalo. Duke fans who are in high school, by the way, are the douchebaggiest of the all. I'll slap you to the floor, half-pint. And don't even get me started on the Cameron Crazies in the band section. Every one of them needs to be punched.

-- Not-so-confidential to the funktastic, tireless, surprisingly biceppy walking piece of sex who was conducting the VCU band tonight: call me! No, seriously, call me.

-- Next time, Old Dominion, you might consider showing up to play.

-- You too, Butler.

-- Back to Duke for a second: how nice must it be to get a home court officiating job from the refs wherever you go? It got almost comical. And they still lost! Even though I can guarantee you they shot better than VCU tonight. They essentially fell victim to VCU's pressure defense (huge presence in the 2nd half) and clutch free-throw shooting, their own lack of clutch free-throw shooting, and the fact that Eric Maynor figured out a way to score in the paint and then couldn't miss. And now that I've displayed my big basketball brain for you: on to the clothes!

-- Just kidding, I don't have any comments on clothes. Although I wound up liking the Pitt band's navy-and-gold striped rugby shirts a lot more than I really should have, especially since they were aping the Ameron-Cay Azies-Cray.

-- Best sporting event ever, seriously. Highly recommended.

*Apologies to all my friends who are Duke fans. No doubt you are the exception. That proves the rule!


jessica said...

Woo-HOOOOOO! March Madness is the BEST! We have tournament games going on here, too, right across the street from me (literally, I park there and can see it from my office window) at Nationwide Arena. It's all very thrilling. I just hope my Buckeyes can hold strong this month after they crashed and burned on football. Give me redemption and a Shamrock Shake! WOOT!

NYOne said...

Joe R, I <3 you a million times over for this. True, that floor is rough on the eyes (but certainly not as bad as Boise's blue turf) but it was SO WORTH IT to see Duke go down. Seriously, best. Upset. Ever. And complete WORD on the officiating and the obnoxious fans. I also enjoy how Duke is on national TV every damn time they play, regardless of who their opponent is or whether another game might be more compelling. With my team not in the tourney this year, I have to find joy where I can, and last night certainly delivered.
Did I mention I went to Uconn?

jessica said...

Aww, I love the Smurf Turf.

But I could give a shit about Duke, so I think it's pretty hilarious they lost.

Pinky T said...

Im a Spartan fan, myself, so we'll just have to see how that goes...
I laughed so hard when Duke lost that I peed in my pants a little.
Bunch a schmucks, anyway.
JJ Redick was enough to poison me against that team for all eternity and beyond. GAAAD I hate that dude. So ha ha Duke~you suck as always.

mathan said...

Do I get points for hating Duke from way back when Grant Hill was on the team?

Linda said...

You're just a hater, Joe. A hatah! Speaking of bandwagoners, I think that's how I feel about people who buy into the officiating crapola. "Waaah, waah, waah, I blame the refs!" At least I admit that my dislike of the Yankees originates with jealousy, and I do not refer to all their fans as "douchebags," JOE.

This is war!

(I figured one of your friends who's a Duke fan needed to hop into the fray, just to make the process complete.)

Joe R. said...


I'm normally not so vehement in my Duke hate-dom, but actually seeing the Cameron Crazies with my own two eyes pushed me over the edge. Also, the fact that Duke went all Johnny Elbows on Tyler Hansbrough this season meant that I was forced to sympathize with North Carolina. And that's just not cool.

Linda said...

I did not approve of the elbows thing, and I do not endorse it, nor was I at all happy with the Krzyzewski response. Everybody has the right to disown the occasional wank move, and/or the occasional overall wank (see: Christian Laettner). As for the fans, whatever. They're louder than anyone else's and do more annoying things, but it's nothing anybody else's fans wouldn't do if (1) they thought of it and (2) they cared that much.

Anonymous said...

Go DUKE! F-all the haters!!!