Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl: 1, Joe: 0

I remember that the Colts won, and I was happy. I recall that if the Colts had punched in just one garbage time TD, my wallet would be $500 fatter. The bar was too loud to really pay attention to the commercials, though everyone kind of shut up and had a collective stroke when those two guys made out over a Snickers bar. That happened, right?


Hopefully I'll post about something soon. Currently, I'm dying from post-Super Bowl internal injuries. Please follow the link in the post below to The Film Experience where I've taken part in that 2007 movie preview I was telling you all about.

Oh, and also: new Studio 60 recap

And: American Idol recap from last week that I forgot to tell y'all about.


That Bootleg Guy said...

So, was the Snickers ad supposed to offend me? I've read where the heterosexualer-than-thou red states were up in arms over the sight of two men "kissing". Then, I read in the insanely liberal San Francisco Chronicle, that my gay and lesbian friends are pissed over the commercial's *negative* connotations attached to two men kissing.

Can we all agree that Snickers is no Butterfinger and leave it at that?

And, whatever happened to Chunky?

Joe R. said...

The more important question is: am I a self-hating bigot for recoiling more than anyone? Because: a) those was some ugly guys, and b) making out with food in your mouth is so utterly gross.

mathan said...

The real question is; why did Mars have to get co-opted into a Snickers with Almonds? What's up with that?

Yeah, I saw the commercial and I cringed when the displays of "mainly" happened because I could see the eventual outcome.

And Joe you're completely right; there's a time and a place for food.