Sunday, February 18, 2007

Low Res Oscar Week: The Trailers

Why, yes, it IS Oscar week. So glad you asked. I promise to to my level best to provide six full days of content, leading up to the big show on Sunday. It's my chance to pretend I'm a real, live blog.

So anyway, there are enough places on the internet where you can find analysis of the current Oscar nominees and who's going to win. Places that do it much better than I do. So while I plan on tossing up a predictions column by the end of the week, the bulk of my postings will be presenting my own personal ballot for the best of the year. Why? Because this blog is all about meeeeeee!

And if you thought I could resist calling these Low Res movie awards the Rezzies, well, you obviously overestimated me.

So our first Rezzie (God, that's gonna get old quick) category, appropriately enough is for the best trailer. And you know how much I love the trailers.


Children of Men
I cannot tell you how crazy this clip made me when it premiered in the summer, followed by the release date being pushed back to Christmas. That the film was more than worth the wait only makes the trailer better, but on the merits alone, it still rocks. The music! The action! The end of the world! Awesome.

The Departed
Rather than getting the next great Scorsese movie, I think we just got the next great Scorsese trailer, but what a nice way to spend two and a half minutes. The best music of any clip this year, from the expected ("Gimmie Shelter") to the really, really unexpected (is that...Van Morrison singing Pink Floyd? Awesome!). The plot gets laid out in simplest terms possible, everyone gets to show off their cool new Boston know, watching this again, I start to think this really was the movie I thought it'd be. THAT's a good trailer.

The Devil Wears Prada
Gird your loins, y'all. That one, perfect, frantic opening scene. It introduces the major players, actually gets you into the rhythm of watching the movie, and all of a sudden it's over and you're already buying your ticket. Smart marketing.

Marie Antoinette
Oh, it's Sofia Coppola and her New Wave music again. Anyone who had any interest at all in seeing this movie was just knocked out by this first glimpse at it.

The Prestige
Nice play on the three-act structure. Striking visuals. Michael Caine's dulcet tones doing the heavy lifting. David Bowie. You need any more?

And the Rezzie goes to...Children of Men.

Get used to that one.

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WickedScorp said...

Excellent trailer; well cut, exciting and poses an intriguing story. The one thing that glares at me here is the tag 'and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'. Mostly because I hated that film, but also because that demo is so far removed from this film. It made me wince the first time I saw it. The second piece of music floored me, infuses a lot of energy and especially love the stop after Julianne speaks. The third piece is a little too happy but it still works well.

You're a little off for not liking The Departed but you also didn't like Casino Royale so clearly there's something wrong with you... (joke)