Thursday, January 11, 2007

Trailer Trash: Trailers of Men

The collection of trailers I saw collected before screenings of The Good Shepherd and Children of Men was so...well, I won't say "good," specifically, and you'll see why, but..."notable," let's say.

This looks like it's getting a big ol' push as this next great horror movie, but the previews just make me think it's a nature documentary on lions or something. Maybe I'm desensitized. It's interesting how the entire horror genre moves like a pack. These days it's all dirt and dust and underground caves and a conscious lack of recognizable names in the casts. Borne out of the teen horror backlash, no doubt, but it's become just as recognizable a trend. Anyway, maybe it's another Wolf Creek, which...I haven't seen yet. So maybe I'm not the best test market for this.

Live Free or Die Hard

My inner monologue, as I gaped at the trailer for the fourth Die Hard movie: ", but...wha...but how...I thought that was just an idle...but he's so...and it looks so...wait, was that Justin Long there?" Indeed, the most positive thing I was able to take from the trailer was that apparently I can spot Justin Long from a hundred paces, whizzing by me at twice the speed limit. I guess between this and Rocky Balboa, we're in the year of the aging and faded guy movie franchise (there's also a Rambo IV in pre-production, so as to complete Satan's trilogy). I personally checked out of the Die Hard series some time when Carl Winslow was still involved, but people seem to still enjoy them. My only worry is that the President will watch it and get some ideas. The last thing a lame duck President with no conscience and poor decision-making skills needs is ideas.

Catch and Release

I know I've mentioned this at least two other times on this blog, but this was the first time I'd seen the trailer in the theatre. I still think it looks good. I mean, obviously if you don't like Jennifer Garner, you're not gonna go for it, but I do, hugely, so there you have it. I still can't entirely shake the idea that this was kept on a shelf for a whole year for a reason, but until I find out what that reason was (Jennifer couldn't do publicity with a newborn to look after? That sounds...plausible, I suppose.), I'll still stand by my affection for the cast, if not total confidence in Susannah Grant as writer/director.

The Kingdom

Peter Berg's stock as a director has certainly risen since the bad old days of Very Bad Things, what with Friday Night Lights making for a good movie and an even better TV series. So I'm glad to see he's behind the camera here. Jamie Foxx in the lead role is a non-entity, but Chris Cooper, Jennifer Garner (there she is again), and Jason Bateman (stepping out of genre), plus small roles for Richard Jenkins, Anna Deveare Smith, and Jeremy Piven more than make up for that. I have a nagging fear that setting what essentially looks like a crime thriller in Saudi Arabia may merely make the film seem more ambitious than it actually is, but I'm certainly hoping to be proved wrong.

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