Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Post-Globe Miscellania

First thing's first: my Golden Globe chat/wrap-up with Nathaniel has been posted at The Film Experience. I have such a great time with these, so hopefully you guys enjoy reading them too.

A couple things I forgot to mention about last night's Globes:

01 - Best Newtork Apology of the Night: NBC hauling the entire cast of Heroes out onto the stage, which seemed excessive, until you realize it was all just a giant apology for having to sideline the show for the night and as a result giving a HUGE head start to 24 in what could end up being a pretty significant ratings battle. Yeah, I figure that deserves a bit of a "Sorry 'bout that!"

02 - I failed to mention how awesome Katherine Heigl looked last night, and I should have, because she then went and got a whole lot more awesome during the post-awards press conference. Observe, and thanks to AfterElton for the scoop:

One: Seems Isaiah Washington responded to yet another question about on-set tensions and chokings and epithet-screaming by asserting that he "never called T.R. a faggot!" This would be the first such denial by anyone in the Grey's camp, that I've heard.

Two: Seems Katherine Heigl wasn't quite having that, and essentially said Washington needs to shut the fudge up and quick. Tellingly, she said that Washington need not have said faggot "again" in reference to T.R. Knight. "Again." Hmm.

Access Hollywood (of all dreadful programs) has the words straight from Heigl's mouth. Dammit, I love her.


Deirdre said...

I'm surprised you guys didn't include Jennifer Love Hewitt on your worst-dressed list. I can see how Diaz's horrible hair and clown make-up could put her over the top, because from the neck up JLove looked gorgeous. But the dress was an unholy mess, featuring one of the night's most common colours (besides white and green): that bizarre brown/gold that looks like the foil inside a mid-priced box of chocolates.

Joe R. said...

I do recall saying to someone that it was nice Jennifer arrives in costume as a Golden Globe statue.