Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Rule: There's No Such Thing As Asshole Rehab

(All appropriate apologies to Bill Maher for stealing a gimmick.)

I haven't spoken much on the Grey's Anatomy/Isaiah Washington/T.R. Knight scandale du jour, beyond giving Katherine Heigl appropriate props for being an awesome person and friend. Since then, T.R. went on Ellen and was fantatsic and endearing in his tongue-tiedness. Then: a new Washington story every hour on the hour. He admits it! He apologizes! But he only did it to save his job! Which he might lose anyway! Glenn Beck somehow shoves his hateful face into the mix!

And then, today, two things: For one, Shonda Rhimes released a statement (which...whatever, she's not the one who did anything wrong here -- she owes me nothing). But even better (well, "better" for an irony-loving blogger like myself): Isaiah Washington is going into rehab! Or "seeking counseling." Or whatever terms they are using for "seeking professional help." And rather than go to the trouble of pretending like he's got a substance abuse problem like a certain Jew-bashing Hollywood director we all know and hate, Washington simply said he's going to counseling to examine his inner anger or whatever. Basically, he's getting treatment for being a dick.

I'm sorry, it's just so ridiculous. I'm trying to come up with an overarching theory as to why Washington -- or Washington's publicist, or anyone at ABC, or Michael Richards, or Mel Gibson, --thinks that "therapy" is the cure-all here. I mean, society's aversion to the concept of "shit happens" is one thing. Some things just aren't fixable, and the fact that Isaiah Washington is contemptable homophobe is one of them. What is counseling -- face-saving, probably network-mandated, just-this-side-of-farcical counseling -- supposed to do here? If anything, Washington's probably more hate-filled than ever, now that Faggot Nation has forced him into making this ridiculous gesture. You can't force someone to be a good person through boycotts and protests and a letter-writing campaign and trying to shame his boss into firing him. The consequences to Isaiah Washington being a homophobe is that other people will know he's a homophobe. The consequences of Mel Gibson being a Jew-hater is that people will say he's a Jew-hater. It's my Fred Phelps theory in its truest form: the consequences to being Fred Phelps is that you have to be Fred Phelps. And everyone knows it. For the rest of your life. All alone with your disgusting family and your hatred. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Dude, I've said it once and I'll say it again... if T.R. Knight had called Washington the N-word would Washington be all "yea, okay, go to "rehab" get over your issues" about it? I think not.

JA said...