Monday, January 22, 2007

Idol Recap posted

Mom feeds him some bullshit about "Of course you'll be famous," and Seacrest interjects, softly, that "maybe they have a point, that maybe singing's not what you should be doing." You guys? Ryan Seacrest just became a better parent than this kid's mom. I'm trying to get Al Gore on the phone to see what this might mean for our planet's future, but until I do, hold tight and hope for the best.

All the crack babies and freakshows and running-into-locked-doors that you want from the #1 show in America. The first TWoP recap of the season is up now. Check it out!


Michelle said...

Did I miss something and are you now off the Studio 60 beat? If so, I am finally free of that show forever!

Michelle said...

Never mind. I just saw that you answered that question above. Haven't deleted it from the DVR schedule yet, so it shall stay...for now!