Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bits and Pieces As I Ease My Way Into 2007

Okay, for one thing, I may have facetiously tagged college football as inferior to the NFL and beneath my interest, but that's really not true. I'm an NFL guy because I love an NFL team, but I can appreciate a good college game. If they had a real post-season, I could appreciate it even more, but by no means should you infer that I didn't watch and love Boise State winning the Fiesta Bowl on Monday. Holy everloving crap, that was the best ending to a game I'm ever seen. If I saw that in a movie -- the trick plays, the undersized QB with a weak arm, the even more trick plays, the post-game marriage proposal (!) to the cheerleader (!!) -- I'd have slammed it SO HARD for being unrealistic. Well done, Boise State. Once again, if only there were a real playoff system in place so y'all could play again.

Switching gears: so basically all the same people who have all but ordered me (unsuccessfully, thus far, but there's still time) to get into The Wire have also enthused about FX's comedy It's Always Sunny In Piladelphia. Courtesy of a New Year's Eve marathon that was easily DVR-able -- seriously, TV people, why don't more of you utilize the weekend cable marathon option? I've gotten hooked on more TV shows via weekend marathons, I can't even tell you -- I saw the first six episodes of the first season, and I laughed my ass off. It's hysterical, and because it's set in a shitty Irish bar in South Philly, it's almost too familiar for comfort. So now I get to become one of the persistent "you have GOT to watch this show" people. Because: you do. Seriously.

Also on TV: CBC has begun airing Arrested Development reruns at 5:30 PM right after The Simpsons. God, I love CBC sometimes. If and when I end up leaving Buffalo (okay: when), I am going to miss the easy comfort of Canadian TV. Mostly I'll just miss Hockey Night in Canada and the weekly Simpsons rerun, but my friends, that's enough.

Finally, courtesy of my esteemed and respected Syracusian friend who I believe has commented here under the name "monkeyboy" (all class, that one), I got to play Nintendo Wii over the weekend. Normally, I'm not in favor of whatever the newest gaming system is. I'm still cranky-grandpa-ing about how no video game will ever top the Legend of Zelda/Super Mario 3/Mike Tyson's Punch Out triumvirate. However, I am willing to stipulate that the Wii is pretty damn fantastic, and I only really played the sporting games and whatever the Wii version of Monkeyball is called. For the record, I totally kicked ass at the following: Monkey Bowling and Moneky Hammer Throw. Bow down, monkey bitches.


jessica said...

Here's me Monday night, literally screaming and jumping up and down and pulling at my hair in the middle of my living room, alone, calling my boyfriend's cell every two seconds with frantic updates to his voice mail while he worked: "Fuck! Oklahoma pick six. It's over; they won." "Shit! Lateral! We're tied!" "Fucking Adrian Peterson scored." "Statue of Liberty! Two-point conversion! OHMYFUCKINGGOD! He proposed!"

Seriously. Best game I've ever watched where I was not initially invested in either team. Playoff, people. I'm not kidding.

bri c. said...

Since you brought up weekend cable marathon, Bravo ran one of Friday Night Lights on New Yrs Eve and I thought I'd give it a shot thanks to your advice and what a cool show. PS you forgot to mention in reasons you love CBC- Degrassi, ill bet even money you watch that shit

Joe R. said...

I actually have never watched Degrassi -- probably for fear that I'll get hooked on it, that I'll grant you. Glad to hear I've made one FNL convert, though.

Saucy said...

Make that two FNL converts. Sat on the couch and did nothing but watch FNL all day Saturday and it was great! Now if only I could go back and see the comment you made about the show breaking your heart a couple weeks back (that's what made me tune in the first place), I'd be a happy camper.

Joe R. said...

Yeah, I don't archive the TV blurbs. No matter, that show breaks my heart every week.

jessica said...

I noticed that marathon and was hoping a few new people would catch on to the awesomeness of the show. It breaks my heart too. Last night? Matt telling his dad to go to Hell? Tears!