Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Trailer Trash: A Clockwork Orange edition

Okay, this is probably largely my fault for leaving all my movie-going to the end of the year, gobbling up double features as fast as I can before their low box-office bumps them out in favor of animated sea fowl of some sort or another. However, IF I HAVE TO SEE THAT GODDAMN PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS TRAILER ONE MORE GODDAMN TIME, SOMEONE'S GONNA END UP HURTING FOR IT!

You know, Columbia Pictures, I might have gone to see your little life-affirming movie. Honestly. It didn't exactly appeal to me, but there's Oscar buzz and I would have likely been obligated to see it out of a completist impulse, if nothing else. Now? After seeing this schmaltzy, rubix-cube-referencing monstrosity of a trailer plastered before EVERY MOVIE I'VE SEEN THIS MONTH, there is no way. No way! Same goes for you, FUCKING APOCALYPTO. Not like I was gonna see it anyway, but still!

Here's what's even more effed up about the trailers this month: you'd think all the December movies would have their ads out in full force, but that's not the case. Why in hell have I seen the clips for Notes on a Scandal, The Good German, Miss Potter, and The Painted Veil roughly one thousand times since mid-November but not, for example, even one instance of the Children of Men trailer (one of the best clips going, I might add)? What the hell, Universal? You've certainly pimped The Good Shepherd adequately (but not overly, which is appreciated). Children of Men is supposed to open on Christmas. We're certainly going to see that in the hinterlands multiplexes before Notes on a Scandal, for example. Why the lack of an ad campaign? Ditto Pan's Labyrinth. Ditto Factory Girl. I only just saw the Breaking and Entering trailer on the big screen yesterday. But the Children of Men thing really irks because it looks really good and I don't want to believe it's being hustled out the back door at the end of the year. Has anyone else seen this trailer in a theatre? Am I just going to the wrong movies. (My recent screening of Bobby would seem to point to "yes.")


NYOne said...

I've seen the Children of Men trailer twice: once before The Fountain and once before Little Miss Sunshine, though technically they were playing the trailers for Catch a Fire. Which started to play instead of Little Miss Sunshine. Ever do that thing where you think you're taking a sip of coffee from the mug on your desk, but it's actually Coke from lunch? It was kind of like that.
Topic? Oh, yes, the CoM trailer does actually look good. Like most of the movies on my Oscar watch list, I will be waiting for you to see it before I decide whether to go or not.

Brenda said...

I've seen the Children of Men trailer at least twice, before Babel and before Stranger Than Fiction. I think it also ran before The Fountain. However, that doesn't make up for the 1,000 times I have seen the endless clip for Happyness, which is odd as I haven't been to the movies more than twice a week this month. Also, what's up with the 'y'? Is there a reason for that?

Joe R. said...

I've seen ALL of those movies! Okay, wait, maybe I saw the CoM trailer before Catch a Fire way back when. But not with any of those others. But I'm at least glad to see it's getting some play elsewhere.

Also, the "y" stands for "You WILL be inspired by this, or you'll have Oprah to answer to."