Thursday, December 07, 2006

Rejected Titles For My Post About How Skinny Carrie Underwood's Looking

"Jesus, Take The Wheel Of Cheese And Feed Some To Carrie"

"Carrie On My Wayward Clavicle"

"Simon (Cowell) Says Put Your Hands On Your Too-Bony Hips"

"Jesus, Eat A Meal"

"(Under)Would You Look At What They've Done To Poor Carrie"

"American Get-This Girl-A-Slice-Of-Pie-dol"

"Looks Who's Thinner Than Ryan Seacrest's Claims of Heterosexuality!"

"Look Whose Elbows Are More Pointed Than Simon's Criticisms!"

"I Want To Be Inside Your Eating Disorder"

"American Culture-Is-So-Harsh-On-

"Clay Aiken No Longer Most Abnormally Skinny Idol Alum"

"Jesus, Try The Veal"


jessica said...

She doesn't even look happy about it. The expression on her face clearly says, "Somebody get me a fucking cigarette; I haven't eaten in weeks."

Michelle said...

How about "AI have a tapeworm"? Bo Bice has been looking pretty scary too, but that could be due to the mysterious GI surgeries he has every few months.

Joe R. said...

Between the nubby teeth and the Cher hair, I never thought Bo looked all that okay in the first place. Then he showed up last year with the Pert Plus hair -- yikes.