Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Man, Nobody's Watching This Show Correctly

Entertainment Weekly: "Whatever the reason, following its fresh, buoyant lead-in Heroes, Studio 60 feels as subtle as a brick applied directly (and viciously) to the forehead — and about half as much fun." [Not to mention the auspicious title of "Worst Show of 2006"]

The Star-Ledger: "Sorkin, the mastermind behind 'Sports Night' and 'The West Wing,' has used his latest bully pulpit as a transparent excuse to rehash and win every old argument he ever had with network executives, censors, agents and, especially, ex-girlfriend Kristen Chenoweth." [As part of an article that blatantly steals the Festivus idea I blatantly stole from Seinfeld.]

The L.A. Times: " The love-to-hate feeling is fun for some, profitable for others." [In an article with a quote from a certain me you might know.]

Time: One of "5 Things That Went From Buzz To Bust."

So, yeah. Not the best week for that show I recap.


sam said...

I don't know - I feel like the show is getting better (I actually enjoyed the Christmas episode). I'm thinking that maybe Sorkin just needed to get all of his chips off of his shoulder during the first few episodes, and then he'll be back to form.

jessica said...

I kind of agree. I'm wary, of course, but I think the past couple episodes were substantially better than most everything before them. Still no Friday Night Lights, but I can deal.