Monday, December 18, 2006

Looks Like SNL Got Their One Funny Moment Of The Season

Last time I saw Justin Timberlake on Saturday Night Live, he was doing a spot-on Ashton Kutcher, a bitchy-as-hell Jessica Simpson, and telling you to bring it on down to Omeletville. In short, he was winning me over hardcore and selling me on The JT Experience far more than any of his songs had to that point.

This past weekend, though I didn't watch SNL, it looks like Justin found his way into the proud tradition of season-saving digital shorts. First there was "Lazy Sunday," then Natalie Portman got foul-mouthed. Now? JT and Andy Samberg have a present for you.

CHECK IT OUT and thank Jeebus for YouTube some more.


bri c. said...

Was this a Color Me Bad ripoff because if it was its about time someone made fun of them

Carrie Ann said...

It's... it's... GLORIOUS!

The best part is "Step 2 / Put your junk in the box." I could watch this all day.

The whole episode was intermittently funny; there was a Target sketch that was pretty delightful. JT was the best part of every sketch he was in, which isn't saying a lot for the regular performers.

Joe R. said...

Seriously. They've gone scot-free for too long. Though every once in a while they're used as a punchline to a joke about bad 90210 episodes.

Universal Donor said...

Barry. Gibb. Talk. Show. I have been singing the genius theme song to this genius sketch all week.

Also, I laugh out loud, publicly, embarrassingly, every time I remember Robin and Barry Gibb harmonizing as they call Sandra Day O'Connor "Hu-u-u-man! Ga-a-har-bage!"