Thursday, December 14, 2006

Brief Thoughts On The Globe Nominations

I may expand upon this later, but the Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning. First impressions:

EMILY BLUNT!! Sorry, I may not ever stop crowing about this one. Not only did I call this longshot nomination in my predictions on Monday, but I've felt this ever since I saw the movie and actually called it way back in September. Plus, it's so beyond deserved. Good, good news. Which of course means we need some bad news, which means...

EFFING BOBBY!! Best Drama? Really? One of the five best dramas of the year? That absolute mess of a motion picture? Easily the worst nomination of the day.

Happy to see Maggie Gyllenhaal show up for Sherrybaby, which I still have not seen, but she's a favorite of mine and a nomination was a longshot, so I'm glad.

Toni Collette snatched a nomination from her Little Miss Sunshine co-star Abigail Breslin. Toni's the best, so I can't ever begrudge her any awards attention, but poor little Abigail. She was so good! And she cries so naturally! And she was probably crying this morning! Aw.

Leonardo DiCaprio got two Best Actor (Drama) nominations, which I think makes six total Globe nominations for his career (Gilbert Grape, Titanic, Catch Me If You Can, The Aviator, and these two). He's officially an HFPA fave, I guess.

Best Score offered two of the most deserved nominations: Clint Mansell for The Fountain and Gustavo Santaolalla for Babel.

I'm still surprised at Rinko Kikuchi's support for Babel. Adrianna Barazza was there as well, but I just don't get all the Kikuchi hoopla, not to mention that her character is such a traditionally off-putting type for awards voters (baity handicap aside). I'm similarly out of touch with the huge Mark Wahlberg love for The Departed, but at least there I figure I've got some glitch where I found the character too unlikeable to appreciate the performance, because a lot of people whose opinions I trust thought he was fab. And he should have been nominated twice already (Boogie Nights and Huckabees), so I can't begrudge him th Supporting Actor nod here.

As is often the case, the Globe TV nominations are better and more interesting than the Emmys. This year I was worried they'd buy the Studio 60 hype -- a fear compounded when I saw Matthew Perry had read the nominations -- but all they got was Sarah Paulson, which I'll totally take as a "sorry you have to be a part of this mess -- it'll all be over soon" consolation.

As for everything else: Big Love! Heroes! Weeds! Ugly Betty! Alec Baldwin! Katherine Heigl! Michael C. Hall! Good show, Globe voters. A Friday Night Lights mention would have been nice, but we can't have everything, can we.

Finally, one last thought: Oscar watchers generally look to the Globes for some degree of prediction as to how the Oscars will go. This year, the three Best Picture frontrunners will all compete in different categories: The Departed (Drama), Dreamgirls (Comedy/Musical), and Letters From Iwo Jima (Foreign language). So they all could win and still tell us absolutely nothing. Way to go, Globes!


Carrie Ann said...

UGH. Evangeline Lilly?! Really? She is my least favorite actor on that show. Ditto Ellen Pompeo.

Huh. Isn't Effie sort of the lead in Dreamgirls? I'm surprised Beyonce got the Actress nod and Jennifer Hudson got the supporting nod. Eh, it's open to interpretation I suppose. I'm sure Meryl's got it wrapped up anyway.

Ellen Blunt twice! That is exciting.

Joe R. said...

I actually don't think Evangeline Lilly is really bad at all, but that doesn't mean I'd nominate her for anything.

Marie said...

Hey, can we get some love for CHIWETEL EJIOFOR in Kinky Boots?