Friday, December 29, 2006

Addendums and Retractions

In reference to this post about all the bad press Studio 60's gotten lately, please also check out this New York Times piece which not only shreds Aaron Sorkin's show, but also makes an impassioned plea for Friday Night Lights, which is as nice a two-for-one as I could hope.

Also, I am officially retracting the grievance I filed against the Oxygen network in the Festivus post. The reason? The Bad Girls Club. You guys, just watch it. The best way I can describe the premise is if you took The Real World minus the boys and the fake job, added Big Brother minus the boys and competitions, mixed with Intervention and Starting Over, and then drowned the resulting mixture in tequila, you'd have a pretty good idea. In simpler terms, it's essentially Drunk Bitches Go Crazy. I know that's not the most progressive way to spend thirty minutes in front of the tube, but seriously? Dude.

The first two episodes are available On Demand, and I am saying: just watch it. The first two episodes. It's almost too awesome to properly convey on a simple blog. Watch it for Ripsi, who looks like what would happen if Paris and Nicole ever made up and had a baby together, and essentially behaves like it too. That girl is the Tazmanian Devil of drunk bitches. Watch it and revel in the disorientation of not knowing whether there are five or fifteen girls in the house, since it looks like they just took three girls and cloned a bunch more of them. Watch it for "You better call Jesus!" If by then you still think it's base and classless...well, it is. You're welcome!


Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you. I love this show and I'm so glad I'm not alone.

Joe R. said...

Says the anonymous commenter!

Even the people who love this show are too ashamed to cop to it. Come out of the Bad Girls closet, y'all!

misspenny said...

Its brilliant. There is no other reason for the show but to get crazy bitches drunk. I don't know what they will do without Ripsi there.