Monday, November 27, 2006

Trailer Trash: Briefly Bitching

Well, the Thanksgiving holiday weekend has finally spit me back into the daily grind, which means blogging if nothing else. I'll get to the proper entries once I've slept. For now, check the sidebar, as it's been (partially) updated. Also check out the two recaps that were posted last week: Survivor 13.8 "Mutiny" and Studio 60 1.8 "Nevada Day, Part II".

Also, if I may, I was at a screening of Volver in sunny New York over the weekend, and it's a good thing it was such a good movie, because the previews got me crabby and early. First off, the Pan's Labyrinth trailer heralded the film as coming from Guillermo Del Toro, "the director of Hellboy and Blade 2." Okay, way to omit The Devil's Backbone, which is only the best movie Del Toro's done AND the closest aesthetically to what Pan's Labyrinth looks like it's presenting. But so long as they draw that Wesley Snipes audience to that subtitled children's horror fantasy. Next? The Miss Potter trailer, which was looking, for lack of a better term, Zellwegery, until the familiar strains of the Love, Actually score kicked in. Don't get me wrong, I love Craig Armstrong's work on that movie, but it was in the Pride and Prejudice trailer last year and it's becoming a shorthand for "English literary romp" that's going to eventually make me roll my eyes at it, which will make me sad.

What, you thought I'd come back without the griping? Please. Lucky for you I'm too depressed to talk about my broken iPod. I cannot go back to the Discman, people! I cannot!


NYOne said...

Joe, is it a regular (not Mini) 4th Gen iPod? Getting the unhappy iPod face and URL for Apple Support on your screen? This is what you do: hold the iPod in your left hand so that it is facing away from you (and you are looking at your warped reflection in the dented and scratched-up back, if it's anything like mine). Hold it towards the bottom, and with your right hand give it a good solid smack about 3/4 of the way up the right hand side edge. I am not making this up. I have personally fixed my own iPod and one belonging to a friend using this method, after it was passed on to me by two other friends. Good luck! Hope this helps.

RC said...

i'm glad i haven't seen the miss potter preview yet...renee drives me crazy.

she deserved her win for cold mountain but beyond that...her and kristen dunst drive me crazy!

--RC of

Joe R. said...

nyone: I have the Nano, in fact, and I've tried a billion things that haven't worked so far. Boo!

Thanks, though!