Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Project Runway Creating Master Race

Nina Garcia's having a baby, you guys!

Clearly, there is a joint effort underway by Bravo and the New York fashion community to birth a master race of fabulously glamorous and delightfully bitchy infants who will one day battle Hollywood's army of Namibian adoptees for control of the universe.

And only my girl Nina could come up with a quote like this: "This baby must have some amazing fashion sense, waiting until empire waists and volume came back into fashion." God love her. She says her 8-months-pregnant self will still attend New York fashion week in February, so I want pictures, dammit!


Sticky Keys said...

Awesome. Best post of the day, I've grown to love Nina very much.

par3182 said...

nina scares me. it's a brave brave man who'd have sex with her; one non-innovative move and the whole thing would be over