Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The One Where Drinking Is Way Worse Than Doing Coke

Danny looks at the Big Board and says that he sees one political sketch, at the 12:55 (i.e. "garbage") slot. Then he tough-loves/taunts Matt about being a "pussy boy." The FCC is so weird, man. "Pussy boy" sounds so much weirder and more graphic than straight-up "pussy." ("Straight-Up Pussy," by the way, was the name of Vinny Pastore's law-abiding brother on The Sopranos before Bruno Kirby bowed out of the role.)
Believe it or not, I do like the show. I'd like like it to contian 20% more Danny taking a knee to the scrotum, is all. Anyway, check out the recap for "The Focus Group."

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jessica said...

I hate that the lovely and brusque Evan Handler has to subject himself to playing a grown man who goes by the name Ricky. It just doesn't work. Sorkin must have a complex because there's also a grown man named Danny, but for some reason that doesn't bother me as much. Probably because Bradley Whitford is kind of a douche.

I also notice someone seems to have gotten a bit of a promotion to editor, unless your appearances in recaps for Heroes and Friday Night Lights are fortuitous flukes. Congrats on the upgrade.