Monday, October 02, 2006

The One Where Chandler's a Whoremonger

Harriet says that Jesus must've been funny to have gotten so many people to listen to him. I think after living a sexless life spent pretty much walking all day, followed by a torturous death, it's probably asking a bit much for Jesus to be all funny about it. "Hey, how's it hangin', me? Ah ha ha! I kill me. Literally! Gimmie three days, and I'll be here all week, folks. Try the loaves and fishes."
Yes, it's the latest Studio 60 recap. Watch me spend 15 pages not being able to come up with a decent Pirates of Penzance pun. Grr!


Sticky Keys said...

I was fully expecting the recaplet to be in iambic pentameter or something. Come on Joer!

I've been really enjoying the recaps, despite only have seen 1/2 of an episode. I spend my Mondays catching up on my Wednesdays, I swear, TV is serious business this season.

Friday Night Lights starts today!

jessica said...

WOOHOO! Even with a show as good as this (and I do think it's good with the potential to be better), the recaps are still my favorite part. Good job!

You ain't kiddin' about serious TV-watching this season. My DVR schedule is a carefully choreographed tap dance from one show to the next and frequently two at once.

Also? I never got around to watching that FNL movie. Should I catch it tonight before I start with the show?

Michelle said...

FNL was no Varsity Blues, that's for sure. Rewatch the Beek again and your time will be better spent.

I'm also digging the recaps (no surprise), but I could have sworn I spied Lucy Davis (aka Dawn from the UK Office) in a scene or two. Perhaps she'll be popping up in Scranton soon!

Joe R. said...

That was indeed Lucy Davis. Worth a half a grade on its own, I think.

Jeff Hansen said...

From your bio on TWoP:
Likes: an obscure Canadian rock band you've probably never heard of

Who is it? As a Canadian, I'm curious as to how obscure we're talking.

Joe R. said...

That'd be the Lowest of the Low. Since I wrote that bio, about three people have told me they know and love the Low, which has been gratifying.

Jeff Hansen said...

Damn, that's pretty frickin' obscure.

Deirdre said...

The Lowest of the Low are indeed awesome. As are the recaps.