Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Downside to Living as a Punchline

Hey, did you hear the one about Buffalo and the snow? Well SHUT UP if you did. I'm at a hotel right now. No electricity at home, it's supposed to come back some time this week. SOME TIME! Hillary Clinton was a block away from my house yesterday. FEMA may be giving me money at some point. The Bills are driving. The Sabres are kicking ass. I still haven't seen The Departed. I might miss the Project Runway finale. I had to bail out on my Studio 60 recap.

The upshot is, don't expect any blogging this week. Comments will get published by the grace of God. Kiss your televisions for me.


aaron c. said...

FEMA?! Good to see George Bush cares about Joe Reid.

Meanwhile, it's overcast here in San Diego. In fact, it *might* rain. Wait, what's that outside my window?

Oh, it's the sun.

Never mind.

mathan said...

Well here in Vegas we finally turned off our A/C, even though can still get sort of warm in the day time. Still actual sleeves are in my future at some point.

But it did rain last week...for a few minutes.

Enjoy your hotel stay!

joriii said...

Sorry for all the snow, but you do live in Buffalo. Sorry you didn't get to post your picks for football this weekend, I'm sure you would have taken the Rams over the Seahawks! Hopefully you'll still be able to catch Heroes tonight and PR will be on Bravo almost everyday for the next two weeks. Good luck

jessica said...

Oh, Aaron. You are a bad, bad man.

Bricks Marlin said...

Damn and I was totally looking forward to your recap of Studio 60 all week. Stay safe.

EddieZ said...

Joe - Come on! It has been a week... are you home? Is everything ok?

Miss your updates! Take care if you are still digging out!

Joe R. said...

Hey Ed. Rest assured I'm not still buried under snow and branches. I did, however, just get internet back on Saturday. I'll be back in blogging swing this week, I promise.


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