Thursday, September 28, 2006

What is that giant rock coming down the hill, and why are they calling it "Marty"?

You guys, this buzz for The Departed is getting scary. In a good way. Nobody seems to have any reaction aside from rabid praise, and everyone I know cannot wait to see it. This could end up being a critical darling and a box-office success story. And you know what happens to those movies. They get beat by Crash for Best Picture. No, no. Seriously. This movie could be huge.

I know I said I'd hang up the Oscar talk re: Scorsese this year, but...I don't even want to say it. I'll just advise the Dreamgirls to watch their backs and leave it at that. Could be time to revise those predictions.


jessica said...


Just shut up and pretend it isn't there. If you don't acknowledge the buzz, maybe it'll stay around. Like a deer. But I guarantee if you give voice to the awesomeness that is Marty, there will be a backlash.

And then the terrorists win.

DL said...

*whispers* I completely agree.

But let's not try not to talk about it too much.

bethness said...

I just wish the original Hong Kong version, Infernal Affairs, was getting credit. Scorcese looks to have done a great job with remaking it, but the original is so damn good, too, so he's kinda piggybacking on someone else's genius here.

jessica said...

I don't think they really want to mention Infernal Affairs because I'm pretty sure this version is exactly the same. Like, shot-for-shot, even down to the cast-smashing in the previews. Which means everything's revealed and nothing's new and there's your backlash.


jessica said...

Did you see this yet? It is SO GOOD. The same, yet different. Better, I think. Definitely the most I've enjoyed Nicholson in a reeeeally long time. And seriously? I'm in love with Leo. Leo is my Billy Crudup.