Monday, September 25, 2006

Slightly Extended Movie Thoughts

You know, in retrospect, it was probably not such a good idea to see The Last Kiss and Trust the Man back-to-back like that. Seperately, they're not so bad. Nothing too special, and certainly nothing I haven's seen a billion times before, but there are enough good elements to make them worthwhile. But back-to-back...I am officially burnt out on twenty-to-thirtysomething male angst. I'm spent on fear of commitment and babies. I've reached the end of my rope with regard to shallow affairs with female ciphers. I'm sure it's a fascinating subject, the complex process where immature young(ish) men get freaked out by marriage and babies and go fuck younger, more-sexually-charged-yet-still-not-worthy-of-respect women. I've just reached my limit. Not even Billy Crudup -- I know, I was shocked too -- could make me truly care about it. I need to build up a reserve of giving-a-shit before I embark upon another one. Fairly warned, Nick Hornby: keep your distance for a bit. I want to keep liking you.

Maybe the most irritating thing about The Last Kiss was that Rachel Bilson is -- in my opinion, at least -- one of the most purely likeable personalities on screen today. She single-handedly made me attempt to try and watch The O.C. a few times. And this movie just pisses it all away by making her an unrepentant home-wrecker without a single redeemable quality. Unbelievable. The worst thing about Trust the Man, of course, is David Duchovny, but you knew that. He's like the polar opposite of Rachel Bilson, in terms of likeability. And he's all the worse in this movie because Billy Crudup and Maggie Gyllenhaal are working their asses off, and Julianne Moore gets to do her Julianne Moore thing in a few scenes, and fucking Duchovny is just standing there smarming. Hate him.

Of course, there were bright spots. I totally lied a couple paragraphs back, Crudup is adorable and worth the price of a ticket if you enjoy him like I do. The bright side for The Last Kiss? Eric Christian Olsen's hair looks fabulous. Like, shampoo commercial fabulous. And he's fucking fine besides, and he's naked as a jaybird for half the movie. This is the kind of thing they should be advertising. "Zach Braff. Jacinda Barrett. Eric Christian Olsen's fine behind." My mystifying lack of employment in a major studio's marketing department continues...


Sars said...

Slate had a great piece last week on why Zach Braff needs to STFU.

Jennifer R said...

I totally agree on Last Kiss. I normally like Rachel Bilson, but her character was written so godawfully, it was painful.

I don't think I've ever gotten the appeal of Duchovny. I have yet to be impressed by him in anything.

Sticky Keys said...

I will always always love Zach Braff just because the very first thing I ever saw him in was The Broken Hearts League which I loved despite itself.

Andrew Keegan had a lot to do with that. And I saw it back to back with Go so there was a whole lot of Olyphanting going on.

Good times.