Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rewatchables, in Brief

You know how every month there's one movie on HBO that airs a bajillion times and you end up watching it whenever it's on? The August/September champion in that category has been In Her Shoes, followed closely by The 40 Year Old Virgin.

Surprisingly, the former holds up just as well as the latter. Grading on a curve, of course. Virgin is the better movie, but I'll stand by the fact that In Her Shoes is an underrated one, featuring a typically wonderful Toni Collette performance, and a remarkably self-aware turn by Cameron Diaz. Not to mention Shirley MacLaine being as warm and endearing as I've ever seen her. Anyway, it's on again, and I'm watching it. Again.

Also: for those waiting for the Actress Tournament finale...coming soon! I had it almost ready to post before overwriting the damn file. Ugh. "Stupidity" wins the girlfight over Joe in this matchup. Anyway, it's on its way, I promise.


adam k. said...

Haha. Stupidity and Joe in a girlfight. That's brilliant.

DL said...

In Her Shoes was one of my favorite movies of last year, but I did like The 40-Year Old Virgin a little bit more.

"You can fuck her while watching Murder, She Wrote. She'll like that."

Sticky Keys said...

I'm sorry? Did you just say 40y/o Virgin was better than In Her Shoes? Really? I don't want to accuse you of being stoned on your public blog, but... really?!

I will give Virgin some credit, on repeated viewings (sometimes it's the only thing OnDemand that's worth it) it holds up. The stale parts are many and still stale, but the funny parts don't lag. It's the ultimate boy masturbatory fantasy and it's a pretty fun time, but In Her Shoes is SO MUCH BETTER!

Yes, it gets a bit overwraught and girly, but that's the point. If you've ever had a sister, or sister like relationship then that movie automatically OWNS YOUR SOUL!

Maybe it's a guy v. girl thing? I don't know, but Shoes is one of the few movies that surpasses color, age, and sexuality lines. It's a movie that talks to the one thing that almost everyone has in common, and that's family.

So good, I can't stop recommending that movie and everyone I've forced it on has loved it and payed it forward.

jessica said...

HA! I love that line. Never underestimate the erotic powers of Jessica Fletcher.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I was so surprised that I found myself loving In Her Shoes more the second time around. Especially the parts at the retirement village. They bring such a big smile to my face for some reason.

Fact: The 40-Year-Old Virgin and In Her Shoes placed at #12 and #13 respectively on my own list.