Monday, August 21, 2006

Today's my birthday, and I'm...getting drunker.

Quick, everybody congratulate me on not dying for another year. Do it! I had a lovely day of moviewatching and out-to-dinnering and hassling with the outrageous assholishness of fucking Sears. I would like to offer big thanks to the incredibly kind people who bought me something off my wish list. I'm weak from the kindness, for serious.

So, you know how Jacob and Sarah not only share their birthdays with each other, but also super cool/interesting people like Reese Witherspoon and William Shatner and Karl Malden? (And...Marcel Marceau, I know.) Well, I figured I'd check the IMDb and see who I share my own special day with. It's weird how I didn't know anyone off the top of my head who shared my birthday. Or at least it was until I started to peruse the list. Clearly, I've been supressing some shit for my own good.

To the list!

Paris Bennett -- Not a bad start. She was a sweetheart and super likeable and on a show I recap, which is kind of cool. She's also eighteen today, so she can start ruining that lovely voice of hers with cigarettes now!

Kelis -- Random, but I'm really liking that "Bossy" song these days, so I'm pretty happy.

Kimberly Stewart -- Okay, she's ridiculous, and the list is all the more gross for having had her. When Laguna Beach Talan is the classy one in your relationship? Yeah.

Alicia Witt -- That's better. I've always liked her.

Amy Fisher -- Okay, fuck this. Are you serious??Jacob and Sarah get Reese Witherspoon and I get Amy Fisher? No, really, nice joke, God!

Carrie-Anne Moss -- Yeah, she's only had one and a half good performances in her career, but so long as she hasn't ever fucked a married Long Island mechanic in zubaz pants, she's a step in the right direction. And if she has fucked a married Long Island mechanic in zubaz pants, for God's sake don't tell me.

Kim Cattrall -- Even better. I still love that HBO documentary she narrated about "Sexual Intelligence." High-larious.

Joe Strummer -- Our first "cool" entry.

Loretta Devine -- Love her.

Peter Weir -- Truman Show, Fearless, I like it. We're on a roll now.

Clarence Williams III -- I had to explain to Sarah that he was the black guy from The Mod Squad. Not a great sign.

Kenny Rogers -- Who only counts for half since his face was born some time in October of 2005.

It's pretty uninspiring, you have to admit. So I went to Wikipedia and found out that Winnie-the-Pooh also shares my brithday. Everybody likes Pooh, right? Time to quit while I'm ahead.


mathan said...

Congrats on making it another year!

You share a birthday with Lincoln Hayes and Prince's dad! You rock!

Sticky Keys said...

For some reason I thought you birthday was the 25th. Oh well, happy birthday Joer, celebrate all week if you can!

Another milestone for the 21st is that it's the date Time Warner switched to part 2 of season 6 of Sex and the City on HBO OnDemand. See? Now your birthday rocks that much harder.

bri c. said...

In news only people from sb can use, you also share it with Billy Crehan so happy bday

Joe R. said...

That's right, I do. And thanks!

AB said...

I don't understand why YOU don't understand that Kenny Rogers cancels out Amy Fisher, like, times a million. Do you not remember "The Gambler"?

Happy Birthday, Ferden.

Joe R. said...

I remember karaoke versions of "The Gambler," miss. And thank you! Everyone!

adam k. said...

Happy Brithday, Joe Reid!


Judi said...

Happy birthday! Your list was awesome.

Sticky Keys said...

Good things come to those who wait Adam K. ;-p