Thursday, August 31, 2006

Apologia for Justin Long

Look, I know the Apple ads are annoying. Believe me, I know.

All I'm saying is that Justin Long is going to have to do a whole lot more things a whole lot more annoying than those ads in order to lose my fierce loyalty. And this is why.

You know, Dodgeball would have been such a better movie if it was just 40 minutes of that clip and then another 40 of Jason Bateman's character. You know it would have.


jessica said...

I love Warren Cheswick with a fierce and unflinching passion.

patty m. said...

I'm still a Justin apologist based on his time as the prototypical Trekkie teen in Galaxy Quest. Any Justin is good Justin, even if it comes in the form of Apple ads.

Sticky Keys said...

I adore Justin and a lot of it did have to do with Galaxy Quest which was fantastic. I hate this new movie, the premise of it, I love JL as the loveable dork/undercover hottie. And for some reason whenever Dodgeball is on, I can't not watch it, so it has that going for it.

ps. I was actually happy for Jeffrey to win, and so sad that Kayne got trashed. I love him to death and I adored the shirt, Michael and Nina are just haters!

And the illustrious Tim Gunn, you had to love Jeffrey after his, "I don't know what I'm going to do without Tim popping up every now and then."

I can't stand Laura, I'm sorry man, but I can't. I think she's a nice designer, but I can't stand her.

Oh, and Angela's gone! No more puffy skirts and fleurshons!