Monday, July 10, 2006

You'll Read My Hockey Post and Like It!

Living here in Buffalo, you get used to some of the time-tested pat responses and -- for lack of a better term -- pub wisdom that the people around here have honed to perfection through years of talking about the same damn things over and over again. About the weather ("Say what you will about the cold and snow, but I'll take Buffalo's winters over hurricane or earthquake country.), about the Bills ("If Noorwood's three feet to the left, the Bills win two out of those four Super Bowls."), about the local cuisine ("The Anchor Bar may be where they invented 'em, but the real best wings in Buffalo are at [insert favored bar/pizza place].")

And when talk turns to Sabres hockey, the one thing you'll hear most often -- more than "no goal," more than "Clint Malarchuck's gushing jugular" -- is the following: "They gotta go back to the old uniforms. They gotta go back to the blue and gold." It's not a surprising sentiment. Buffalo's a nostalgic city to begin with, and sports fans everywhere are notorious for looking back at how much better it used to be. So when the Sabres switched to black and red back in 1996, it began a decade-long campaign of wistful pining for the old unis. Never mind that with the new uniforms the Sabres went to two conference finals and a Stanley Cup final. The blue-and-gold is old and old is better.

So I was probably the only person in this town who was a little crestfallen when the team made the decision to go back to the old uniforms next year. The geezers (and the even-worse young people with geezer mentalities) had gotten their way. Until a photo of the new jersey leaked onto the internet looking like this eyesore. People, that's just fucking wrong. But it's kind of fitting in a "be careful what you ask for" kind of way. Bet that black and red is looking pretty good right about now, eh?

[Thanks to Off Wing Opinion for pointing me to the sartorial horror.]

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Tipsy McSwiggans said...

Ok, Ok -
as a once fellow Buffalonian I will have to put my two cents in -or maybe even as much as a Buffalo nickels worth so here goes.....

- the best wings ARE at the Anchor Bar but no one and I mean no one can beat 2-4-1 pizza at 4 in the a.m.

- Buffalo is a better city than Rochester or or Utica or Albany or even Syracuse in so many ways but is treated like the poor, disabled, unattractive step-child of New York

- and for those uniforms - black and red beats blue and gold (sorry griff-fans) the new logo looks like the smear on a napkin after a mouthful of anchor bar wings dipped in blue cheese - way to go old timers!