Saturday, July 08, 2006

Trailer Trash: The Return

Back when I used to have a weekly movie column at 411Mania, I would regularly set aside space to comment on the latest batch of movie trailers to come down the pike. Because I'm exactly the kind of nerd who will ask you what you thought of the movie you just saw and then immediately ask what trailers ran before the movie. I like the way a good trailer can make a bad movie look watchable. I like the first glimpse you get of a movie you've been watching come down the pike for months. I don't like when they give the entire movie away, but they've mostly stopped doing that ever since the public caught wise. Well, the good ones, anyway.

So I figured I'd import the trailers feature over to Low Res. It's a better fit on a blog anyway.

What made me think of this, actually, is I saw the Little Miss Sunshine trailer before The Devil Wears Prada this week, and I was all excited because this is one of the movies I'm most anticipating right now. But the trailer they showed was the original trailer which is just not as good as the newer clip. The older clip isn't bad necessarily, but it's more darkly funny while the new clip is more mainstream, and failing to match a mainstream movie (like Prada) with a mainstream trailer is just not good marketing. Not good! Bad! Bad Fox Searchlight!

Of course the big trailer news this past week has been the Spider-Man 3 clip which popped up just in time to steal a bit of thunder from Superman. Now, I'm not as huge a fan of the Spidey movies as some people I could mention. I like them well enough, but they just don't click with me they way that, say, X-Men 2 did. That being said, the preview for the third movie has me positively geeked. Something about the sticky, black, tar-like substance that makes Spidey's costume turn black and (I think) evil. And it's always enjoyable to see what Tobey Maguire's every-three-years trip to the weight room has wrought. Good exciting stuff.

Hollywoodland is a movie I've gone back and forth on as to whether it will be an awards contender this year. It's an old Hollywood throwback, which is a point in its favor, but it's also a "behind the scenes, everyone was a creep" kind of movie, too. Ben Affleck plays TV's original Superman, and you all know my policy on Ben Affleck in a leading role. On the other hand: Adrien Brody. And Diane Lane looks like she's got a nice thick role to bite into. So I'm still very up in the air about how I think this movie will turn out, and that's mostly because the trailer didn't do its job. It's schizophrenic, which is a problem. The titles don't match the visuals don't match the music, it's a mess. Not being able to easily categorize a film isn't necessarily a bad thing, unless it ends up looking like a generic jumble of movies we've seen before. I expect better marketing from a Focus/Miramax co-production.

Finally, I finally saw the full-length trailer for Running with Scissors, Ryan Murphy's film version of Augusten Burroughs's awesome book. I'd originally seen a preliminary clip for the movie on TV back in December and I got worried. It was already going to be a challenge to adapt the comic/tragic tone of the book for a film, and the TV clip the mark. Slapsticky. But in the meantime, I'd heard that buzz on the film is very good, particularly Annette Bening's performance. So I checked out the full-length trailer and I feel much better. Most crucially, they seem to have cast the role of Augusten well, which was my biggest concern. This can't be a movie about a crazy mother. It has to be a movie about struggling, sarcastic, fabulous kid, and this Joseph Cross looks like he just might be able to pull it off. And Evan Rachel Wood may have been mis-cast as Natalie, but she's already making me forget about that. I'm really excited to see how it's all turned out. Cross your fingers.


adam k. said...

OK, I love trailers too, but you need to get back to the smackdown. I need my fix of girlfights like RIGHT. NOW. Pleeeeeeease.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I was thinking of having a feature like this, but I never knew what trailers were new and which were old.

Sticky Keys said...

Joer's got the inside track... sneaky git.

I saw you do some of these over at TFE and loved it, I was wondering when you were going to advertise it.

wolfchick said...
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wolfchick said...

I hate it when my typo creates an egregious misspelling and I post without catching it. Ugh.

Anyway, I love movie trailers so I'm super glad you're doing this. And if I don't leave now I'm going to miss whatever trailers Drexel is showing because they always start them too early. Bastards.

Now get back to the tourney! ;)