Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stupid Adrian Grenier

Have I become a very shallow person? Because I'm watching The Devil Wears Prada today and it's Anne Hathaway's big realization that her job at a faux-Vogue fashion magazine (and her desire to please her monstrous boss) has turned her into everything she's ever hated. Or so says her killjoy of a boyfriend. But all I can think of is how proud I am of Anne's character and how hard she's worked to go from a dowdy, holier-than-thou fashion novice to a stylish and capable assistant to an impossible woman. I mean, I can dig how she wouldn't want to stay in a job where her boss is so awful to her, but the movie kind of makes it seem like the real reason to quit is so she won't become an evil, vapid fashion person. But...but...she got wicked good at her job, and a sweet makeover, and she dropped from a size six to a size four! Okay, that's definitely shallow, I'll admit. I just wanted her to keep her job and work her way up the ladder and end up taking Anna WintourMiranda Priestley's job, Working Girl-style. Instead of caving to her dumb boyfriend's "integrity" speech.

Anyway, it's a cute movie. Meryl Streep is, of course, amazing, and the best thing about the movie. Stanley Tucci aint half bad, either, and Emily Blunt steals all her scenes as the super-intense "first assistant." Not as funny as it could have been, not as engrossing as it could have been, but a decent couple hours in a darkened room.


wolfchick said...

I haven't seen the movie yet -- it came out while I was on vacation -- but this was one of the many problems I had with the book as well. In addition to it having no worthwhile characters or being at all believable or interesting or anything. You know, minor stuff.

In better news, I just saw a commercial that let me know Meryl Streep's performance is Oscar-worthy, at least to some dude at Maxim. And who won't take his word for it?

adam k. said...

As much as I love film reviews, I want more of the actress smackdown. I wanna see some bitches get cut, dammit.

Joe R. said...

Patience, bitch.

wolfchick said...

Finally saw this yesterday and enjoyed it immensely. Much better than the crap-ass book, though it did kinda start to fall apart for me when people were saddling up their moral high horses. I mean, Jiminy Christmas this is New York right? Do these people really not encounter superficiality and artifice in their careers? In trendy eateries and art galleries? Really?

Maybe I'm shallow too but I was practically screaming at her to take the FREE TRIP TO PARIS. DUH! Is there honestly anything to ponder on that one? And surely she didn't give away ALL the clothes, right? Why would someone do that?

Anyway, in support of your fancy new layout and "building a better navel-gazer," I have changed my profile photo and offered everyone a navel at which to gaze.

That's all.

Brenda said...

I kind of felt the same way. Grenier and her friends were such dicks. "We'll take the extravagant free stuff you got from work, but then we'll still make fun of your job." I thought she learned that liking fashion doesn't make you a total shallow vapid fashion person.