Thursday, July 27, 2006

Project Runway: Too Big For the Sidebar

I tried to fit my Project Runway thoughts into the sidebar, but it so wasn't happening. After last night's episode, I am utterly dumbfounded by two things: (1) that Bradley was able to basically cough up an outfit from the back of his throat at the last minute and have it get universally praised by the judges (including Nina! Who said she'd put it in Elle!); and (2) that Angela has spent three weeks now, crafting sub-Wendy Pepper "designs" that no one -- including the judges -- would vomit on, much less wear, and has managed to avoid the big auf weidershen. I'd get all indignant about this isn't the show I know and love! but I remember they did the same thing with Starr in season one and we all survived it. But I still reserve the right to shake my fist at Angela whenever she's onscreen.

That being said, I am really loving the dynamic this season, especially with regard to the "contenders." Last season, phenomenal as it was, you really got the feeling that only four designers (Santino, Nick, Chloe, and Daniel V.) could conceivably win, and the only one for whom that wasn't abundantly clear from the very first week was Daniel. This season, however, it seems like much more of a toss-up. Eight contestants have had their designs deemed "the best" of the week during the first three episodes, only Uli getting that distinction more than once. I could see any combination of Laura, Keith, Michael, Robert, Uli, or Kayne making it to fashion week. Hell, maybe even Allison or Bradley or even Jeffrey's played-out ass. Very unpredictable, and I like that.

Oh, and did I mention guest judge Ivanka Trump? Guest judge Ivanka Trump! She's fantastic. And so was Heidi, by the way, for marching right up to Keith and telling him his stupid little bracelet/dog collar was bullshit. Oooh do I ever hate that guy. That being said, next week looks to be awesome. Can't wait.


jam said...

I know, right??? Keslar is such a one-trick pony, isn't she? Those bubble skirts! And I'm worried about Bradley. I'm afraid one week we're going to find him sitting in the corner, rocking and crooning softly to himself. Hell, he was almost there this week. Anyway, after the episode aired I immediately called my mother. Our conversation: "AIEEEEEEE!" "AIEEEEEEE!" "Angela... with the...and the..." "Keith!!!" "AIEEEEE!"

I hope next week really is good and they aren't just teasing me. I'm trying really hard not to be spoiled beforehand.

Boschka said...

ROTF...I completely agree...I am sick of Angela crappy attitude and Keith 's rolling of the eye bit. At least we weren't subjected to Laura's boney sternum in that cut to there black dress...jeebus woman....have some protein .