Monday, July 17, 2006

My Weekend

Stereotypically "straight guy" activities I can still take part in without completely embarassing myself, as determined by attending a three day Stag Weekend with the old college friends:

Beer Pong
Remembering the rules to "Asshole"
Foam Bat Softball (batting)
Foam Bat Softball (fielding)
Going to a strip club

That last one surprised me, as no one was less interested in going to see naked ladies than I was. But once in there, I discovered that (a) it's like being in a room full of kryptonite and everyone else is Superman but me, and (b) it's exactly like a drag show, but with less lip-synching and more real vagina. I'm not saying it's my new weekend activity, but I no longer think I'll die of embarassment if I go to one.

Anyway, back to more frilly pursuits (the Actress tournament, for instance) this week.


Sticky Keys said...

I was just coming here to see where you were and I find you ogling various sad girls' womanly glories!

Well, I guess someone has to. Glad you had a fun weekend of heterosexuality and tang.

StinkyLulu said...

What are the rules to "Asshole"?

(Not to delay frilliness or anything.)

Joe R. said...

It's a card game AND a drinking game, and while the general rules remain the same (play a card that's higher than the card the person before you played; get rid of all your cards first), the "house rules" aspect can get pretty contentious.

Check out the Wikipedia entry if you want to be thoroughly confused. At least half of the rules they mention there I have never heard of in my life.

that bootleg guy said...

I just hope you gave a little lap dance love to the one chubby dancer that every strip club is obligated to hire. Invariably, she's the first dancer I see every time I go to a strip club and watching her work the room asking, "Do you want a dance?" depresses me in the same way that "Moose" taunts of former WNBA livestock/power forward Kara Wolters did.