Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"Little boxes on the hillside..."

"...little boxes made of ticky-tacky..."

I have had that theme song in my head all week. I kind of love it, but it's been an endless loop of "ticky-tacky" in my head, and I'm not even sure those are real words.

Which means that, yes, my DVD of the first season of Weeds has arrived, and -- as I fully expected -- I am loving it very much. Thank God Mary-Louise Parker was able to nab such a great role. She has a great way of appearing like she's just barely avoiding having life run her down like an express train before pulling her shit together and making things happen. I love her so much. But everything around her on this show is pretty fantastic as well, including the two actors who play her kids. Nice casting job there.

And Elizabeth Perkins! It's so weird, because a year ago if you asked me to name two actresses who manage to inspire literally nothing in me one way or the other, I would have said Elizabeth Perkins and Jeanne Tripplehorn. And now Tripplehorn's doing such fantastic work on Big Love and with Weeds, Elizabeth Perkins has found the best role of her career. And is giving her best performance to match it. This has to say something about the dearth of strong roles for women in film, because no way both these women suddenly got good overnight.

Anyway, Weeds. Check it out. It's fantastic. And it features an Angels in America reunion of MLP and Justin Kirk. And Kevin Nealon being entertainingly off-putting, instead of the other kind. And weed! Lots and lots of weed!

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