Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Lesson, As Ever...

...rumors are always true.

You can believe what you read on the internet.

Richard Gere, don't think we've forgotten.

Credit to Perez Hilton, Defamer, Towleroad, A Socialite's Life, Josh & Josh Are Rich and Famous, Gawker, Pink Is the New Blog, Just Jared, Jossip, Yahoo News,, and Fox News for digging up the info on this underreported story.

We suspect Ann Coulter would have had the scoop as well if she weren't so busy outing Bill Clinton.


Sticky Keys said...

It's about effing time! He's been spotted every gaying it up, I'm glad he finally admitted to wanting to take a space ride with the cowboy.

adam k. said...

I've always thought, and still think, that Coulter was born a man. Totally serious.

that bootleg guy said...

Anyone know when the last 'Hollywood outing' actually shocked anyone? I mean, I was probably the last person to know that "Bulldog" Briscoe from 'Frasier' was gay (and I actually felt...betrayed, somehow.)

As for Coulter, any woman with a size 15EEE shoe is a man.

adam k. said...

I think people will be shocked if Vin Diesel ever comes out.

Sticky Keys said...

I think people will be horny if Vin Diesel ever comes out. Teh Sex doesn't even begin to describe it.

I think when Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill come clean there will be some pearl clutching.