Sunday, July 09, 2006

Holy Crap!

$132 million for the Pirates of the Caribbean opening weekend. Dude. That's...incredible. I haven't seen the movie yet, and I suppose if I do I should prepare myself for limited elbow room, because GODDAMN! That beats the old Spider-Man record by almost $20 million. Depp is king, you guys. Good stuff.

Oh, and also: Take THAT, Aquaman.

ETA: Okay, I saw it this afternoon. Not the barrel of pure joy and excitement that the first one
was, but it did the job. Two action setpieces in particular stood head and shoulders above 99% of the first movie. The connective tissue wasn't as strong this time around, so there was a bit of impatience for the movie to get to the fireworks factory already, as it were. But ultimately I think director Gore Verbinski did a good job with...resurrecting the look...the look and feel of...I'm sorry, I'm not made of stone, people. Would you look at Orlando Bloom over there? I just...he really is the most beautiful thing, isn't he?

Okay, okay, focus! The movie. Johnny Depp is, as expected, a blast to watch. I get no small amount of satisfaction out of how much fun Depp has with the Jack Sparrow role. And the interplay between Depp, Bloom, and Keira Knightley is still sparkling. And they brought MacKenzie Crook (aka, Gareth from the BBC version of The Office) back! So good to see him again.

In fact, the movie as a whole did a great job of integrating a whole bunch of returning characters who (a) I didn't expect to see back, and (b) worked even better the second time around. Once again, all due credit to Verbinski know, who directed the whole...thing...the whole movie...crap. Okay, once again, you can't really blame me, can you? I'm sorry, no you cannot.

...Okay! Once more: good movie. Great marketing ploy with the cliffhanger. One gripe, if it's indeed a gripe: the issue of Bill Nighy's omni-accent. That was on purpose, right? How he represents the sea and the sea knows no boundaries, be they on land nor in the throats of men? I really hope so, because if not? Eesh. Anyway...what was I saying?...right...oh for Pete's sake. Fine. Fine! I give up. Have it your way, Mr. Bloom. Continue to be all devestatingly handsome and whatnot. But I'm getting the last word in my own post, got it? Good.



adam k. said...

I don't really get the hype over Orlando Bloom's looks. Sure, he's pretty, but no moreso than most of Hollywood. Why is he so special? What am I missing? I just see a skinny white guy with nice hair and a pretty face. I don't get it.

Also, where are the aaaaaaaaacccttttrrreeessseeesssss???

Joe R. said...

Oh my god, calm the fuck down.

wolfchick said...
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wolfchick said...

Saw it yesterday and enjoyed it as well. Like you said, it wasn't as all-around fantastic as the first but it was decent and in a few ways actually better. It certainly didn't deserve the shellacking given it by Lisa Schwarzbaum in EW. I could've withstood the cliffhanger better if At World's End was actually coming out in December instead of next year, but oh well. Not bad. My favorite new aspect was the growing depth and complexity of Knightly's Elizabeth and, by association, her relationship with the divine Will Turner.

I've been lusting after Orlando in this movie ever since the poster came out. Oh my GOD is he hot. I've almost completely forgotten how stupid he looked in Elizabethtown.

wolfchick said...

Fucking blogger.

Sticky Keys said...

Oh Joer, not the pop-up comments! Oh well, change is good I suppose.

Anyhoo, I took my niece and nephews to the midnight showing of this on Thursday and I think it was a very nice companion piece. We forgot there was to be a third installment, but now the juices are flowing.

I don't think the movie was boring by any means, but I was dead tired when watching it and kept falling asleep so I can't quite figure out

SPOILER: Why the two guys where were bad guys in the first one are now good? And the captain? Or why the new commandant has so much power? And what happened to Jack Davenport in the last one?

Overall I liked it. Probably won't go back and pay full price, but will see it again at the dollar show.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I haven't seen this yet, but am dying to.

However, I gotta agree with Adam on Orlando. For me when it comes to actors I prefer, how shall I put this? A bit more meat on the bones. I like my leading men (to quote Patricia in Far From Heaven) to be all man.

Orlando is such a pretty boy it hurts. And if a guy is going to have facial hair it's gonna be the stubbly masculine type, not the joker-shop goatee that Orlando sports.

(end rant)

adam k. said...

Well, I actually don't mind Orlando's facial hair.

Don't get me wrong, I'd do him and all, but I just don't understand the fuss. Most beautiful man ever...? Ummm...