Thursday, June 01, 2006

Game 7

So I finally remembered to buy myself MarioKart, the greatest video game (post-original Nintendo) in history, though I will now at least consider arguments for Guitar Hero since I played it at Tara and Dave's and nearly went into a fugue of joy. How is it possible that "More Than a Feeling" is the hardest song to master on a fake video game guitar? Have we all been underestimating the musical prowess of Boston lo these many years?

Anyway, so MarioKart arrived in the mail today, which meant it was time to haul the GameCube out of the moth balls. With the Cube out, however, and with me not being able to deal with one entire day without hockey, I popped in the NHL Hitz game that I've played a grand total of once. I started a season, made the appropriate trades, and wound up with a reasonable facsimile of the 2006 Sabres. Sure, I'm missing Derek Roy and Jason Pominville, but I can play Danny Briere, Chris Drury, and Mike Grier all at once, and that makes me happy. Problem is, I'm kind of sucking at my season so far, and now I'm worried that this is going to be a bad omen for tonight's game. So I've now completed my transformation into that guy. The ultra-superstitious sports guy who grows a playoff beard and has to sit in the same chair, at the same angle to the TV, for every game, lest he blow the big one for his team. If you only knew the utter turmoil I went through even getting up the nerve to blog about the Sabres. What if I'm jinxing them??? By now I've managed to talk myself down from the ledge. I've seen them win watching at home, and I've seen them lose watching at home. I saw them win when I was in Canada. They've won despite my Dad and I not being in the same room. They've won and they've lost when I was stuck at work with nothing but a radio. The Buffalo Sabres winning and losing doesn't depend on anything I do, be it embarass myself at NHL Hitz or watch the game on the big screen at the baseball stadium with half the city in attendance (I'm considering it, but I do still think that might be tempting I go again).

All I know is that there's a Game 7 tonight, and my team's playing in it, and if they lose (God forbid, knock on wood, and spit on the carpet), so help me Jeebus I will stop being friends with anyone who posts anything gloaty or mocking in the comments. You think I'm kidding. Don't do it.


aaron the bootleg guy said...

Sorry to hear that Carolina advanced, Joe. I'm sure it won't make you feel better, but your post made me DVR the game and I watched the 3rd period tonight, which is one more period of NHL than I've watched all year.

And, I'm *Black*, Joe, don't forget that.

Joe R. said...

Low Resolution: Tricking black people into watching hockey, since 2006.

In other news? Damn.

wolfchick said...
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Amanda R said...

Despite living in Buffalo for a few months after college, I never had much of an opinion on the Sabres. But now I am filled with seething anger towards them. Because I considered it their duty to knock the Hurricanes out of the playoffs! I mean...people, have you seen that pathetic 'logo' on their jerseys? Something must be done for the good of the sport.