Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This is rare...

When was the last time FOX ever did anything with its schedule that cut me a break? According to my old day planners, the answer is "never." Yet this summer, the network that brought me countless hours of American Idol-inspired filler will also bring me reruns of this past season of 24. I dropped 24 about five episodes into the new season, a combination of show-related frustration and the fact that I wasn't quite ready to give up on The Apprentice quite yet (Tarek? What?).

But then I heard it got kinda good again. I heard they killed a bunch of people. Including Edgar and Sean Astin! I heard the President was the bad guy. I heard it was exciting and only kind of torturey. Sure, maybe M. Giant's recaps only made it seem like more fun, but it'll be nice to see for myself. They'll be running on Monday nights, right? ...Right? What's that? Friday. FRIDAY?! Yeah, nothing I'd rather do on a summer Friday night than watch me some TV. Dammit, FOX, you were so close! My kingdom for a DVR.


mathan said...

Joe, how could you have forsaken Jack Bauer? You know if the roles were reversed and you were a CTU agent and Jack was an internet celebrity, he'd never give up on you.

You missed a great season full of Jack scowling and barking orders, while disobeying orders.

Next you'll tell me that you gave up on Lost too.

Joe R. said...

Nope, I stuck with Lost and was rewarded with a really exciting and compelling season finale that, upon closer inspection, made absolutely no goddamn sense at all. So good to have the show back on track.

Sticky Keys said...

Dodgeball is one of the few Pretentious Pack* films that I can watch at any time no matter what part of the movie it's at. The Wedding Crashers is another. Give me good Vaughn, a Wilson brother, or Justin Long, some random Chuck Norris' shoutouts, and quick witted banter and I'm there.

*You totally know of the Stiller/Wilson/Vaughn(sometimes Favreau, but not really)/Ferrell conglomorate of which I speak.

Joe R. said...

Justin Long is totally the MVP of that movie. He saves it.

I generally enjoy a good Frat Pack movie, but Dodgeball didn't age as well as some of the others in that genre. It's no Zoolander, I'll put it that way.