Wednesday, May 10, 2006

There's a Unifying Theme if You Look Hard Enough

I know, I know. A "random thoughts" post? Could I have put any less thought into this? But it's late and I'm exhausted, but I wanted to post something.

So, shit that has crossed my mind tonight:

Since Mission:Impossible 3 isn't performing up to its full capability, financially speaking, do you think it's time we hooked that sucker up to an e-meter and found out what's at the root of its self-sabotage? I mean, what's it afraid of? Success?

I really wish they'd take that Rilo Kiley song out of the Lindsay Lohan movie trailer. Because that thing looks like ass, but the song is great, and I need to stop associating one with the other.

You can check out my recap of last week's Veronica Mars episode here. And I'm not even getting into tonight's finale yet, except to day...damn. We'd better get a season 3.

If anyone out there can recommend a good hockey blog, I'd surely appreciate it.I love the boys at Deadspin, but they just don't care about the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and ESPN could give less than two shits about any sport they don't have a financial stake in, so I'm sort of adrift here.

I pulled a muscle in my back today and am in intermittent agony, so I would just like to thank TBS for running The Long Kiss Goodnight for the 4,883rd time. No better way to relax than a good bad movie.

I know I'm not the first, nor the best to comment of how insufferably bad Stephen King's back-page column in Entertainment Weekly is, but this week's was pretty bad, even for him. It's yet another installment of Steve's friend "The Longhair" (yak) picking the summer box-office winners and losers. In between fits of folksiness and almost unfathomably dated references (a Survivor "off the island" joke?), Steve passes on the following fearless predictions: The DaVinci Code will be a hit. Holy shit, you think?? Also predicted to do well? X3, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, and Superman. Forecasted flops? The Omen remake, a Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy (but she's been so successful lately!), and the star-less An American Haunting. Stop it, you're blowing my mind! He even picks Clerks II to flop, bad can a $5 million film fail anyway? Oh, and Uncle Steve's extra special sleeper pick? Snakes on a Plane. Wow, how'd he even hear about a movie like this? It's certainly slipped under my radar, that's for sure. I'll always be a loyalist for King's books -- I was weaned on them. But this EW shit is just getting embarrassing. Next month: Days of the week forecasting. Will Tuesday follow Monday? Ask The Longhair!


Sticky Keys said...

But you gotta admire that passion. Every one of those articles you can just see him smoking a pipe in his log cabin in the woods (for this is where he goes to record such thoughts), and after each realization, sitting back, shaking his head, and remembering to allow himself an extra crouton for a job well done.

He's fascinatingly obtuse. I love it in a hateful way. Good times.

NYOne said...

I'm fairly sure this guy writes about hockey pretty often, and he's from Buffalo as well, so there you are.
Hope you enjoy. I only found it because we made the same joke about Violet Affleck sounding like a disease.