Monday, May 01, 2006


Dudes, [Katharine] wants off that stage in the worst way. Her eyes are all squirrelly and darting around the auditorium, like she's looking for an actual escape hatch. Meanwhile, Ryan's spiel takes twice as long because he has to explain to the at-home audience how two separate phone lines work. We get it! Letters become numbers on a phone keypad! Cut to commercial before she makes a break for it! OH MY GOD nobody's going to text message for this dumb show! Go to commercial!

Read all about the boring love songs, crazy judge behavior, and unsupportable conspiracy theories in this week's American Idol recap, "What's a 'Swan Song'?"


wolfchick said...

Best recap ever, Joe. But Christ, what have you done to piss off the reality TV gods? You decide you want Kellie to win and she's out. You admit to openly rooting for no one but Charmaine and Tarek and Trump gives them the double boot tonight. Would it be too much to ask for you to throw all your support on Shane?

bad kitty said...

OMG, if I loved your AI recaps any more, I'd have to marry the damn things. I wish that you could be around when I have a sucky day so that you can recap it for me later and make it at least seem funny, albeit probably still sucky. D'ya think you can swing that?