Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Yeah, sorry for the complete and utter lack of updates this past week. When you get the flu, quickly followed up by strep throat, it kind of saps your will for the blogging. Though, I wouldn't be surprised if I busted out with an entry on that whole experience in the near future.

Anyway, a few quick housekeeping things, plus some items for discussion, just in case I don't make it back here for a few more days:

1) The AI pool for this week -- y'all can trust me, even if it was after the fact -- looked like this:

(picking the winner)
Jacob -- Katharine McPhee
Joe -- Taylor Hicks
Sarah -- Taylor Hicks

So the final standings look like this:

Jacob -- 9
Joe -- 12
Sarah -- 10

So, um, I win! Woo! Though it's tempered somewhat by Taylor winning. Boo!

In other news:

-- I just watched the entire season of Top Chef today (see above, re: strep throat). So fucking good. Stephen still needs to be slapped in the face many times. And Dave needs to give me a fucking break. I wish I'd been watching all season.

-- Latest American Idol recap can be found right here. For being written with a 101 degree fever, I think it turned out nicely.

-- What exact circle of Hell do you think you'd have to be in where Tyra Banks is interviewing Joe Francis on her talk show? It's seriously the most uncomfortable thing I've ever seen in my life. First of all, it's been my long-standing assertion that Joe Francis is the most vile and skeevy person on the face of the Earth, including Constantine Maroulis. Throw him in the ring with Tyra, who wants to be able to skewer the hell out of him, because she's Oprah Junior, but because she's made a career of indulging in the same adolescent male fantasies and girl-exploitation that Francis does (albeit to a much less stomach-churning degree, and without that disgusting grin), and you've got two people who think a great deal about their ability to justify their empty little lives. I'll still take Tyra, though. Especially once Francis starts touting Girls Gone Wild as a shining example of the freedoms of Western Democracy.

Anyway, back when I'm feeling a little less like killing people.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joe, it's John, aka Sorcerer from the evil and not at all missed at @forums (Buffy section) and jforjules/misterpointy from no-longer-there LiveJournal land. First, hope you're feeling better. Next, wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed your brillant recaps at TWoP (Best. Site. EVER.) and am thrilled to pieces that someone I kinda sorta "know" is on staff there. (Truly, I feel TWoP is staffed with the BEST web writers anywhere, and you are a wonderful and valued addition to the staff.) I'm looking forward to more of your recaps. Hey, any chance TWoP will rescue Big Brother from PH and let you recap the sure-to-be spectacular all star ed coming up? Dream come true, that would be!

Joe R. said...

Hi John! So nice to hear from you. I'm so glad you've been reading and enjoying the recaps, that's fantastic. I doubt TWoP will be resurrecting Big Brother, but I suspect it's a slightly less enjoyable experience if you have to recap three hours of it per week. Not that I'm not crazily looking forward to the All-Stars, because I totally am. Thanks for commenting! So nice.

John G said...

Ugh, yeah, I can only imagine the hair-pulling insanity of trying to recap THREE HOURS in one week. One of the many reasons I respect you guys so a writer myself, I know what you do is work with a capital WORK. So I'll just keep up with your other recaps on the site (hopefully you have another show in works!) and perhaps we can dish back and forth here about the upcoming goodness of BBAllStars. Give me Janelle and Dr. Will, and I think I shall be a happy boy.

Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic said...

Yay, Top Chef love! One of us! One of us! Pretty awesome. I did have a soft spot for Dave but that didn't stop me from screaming at him to STOP FUCKING CRYING!

Mark's convinced that Matthew Fox and Harold were separated at birth.

Joe R. said...

Yeah, we'll see how long the love fest lasts when you find out how much I liked Tiffani.

Also, good call on the Harold/Matthew Fox thing, Mark.

Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic said...

Oh, shit. Really? Even after the Dessert of Lies and the "Your knife ran into my back" comment? And her smug little smiles? Joe, what am I going to do with you?!

Well, at least we can be united in the Stephen hate. He was awful!

Sticky Keys said...

Do you have any shows this summer Joer? Or will you be on AI off season forum patrol?

You word veri says something very naughty. I can't even describe it without a NSFW warning, what the H is wrong with blogger?

Joe R. said...

Steph: "Your knife ran into my back" was way stupid. But I couldn't get on with any of Dave's whiny bullshit, because it was...whiny bullshit. I dunno. She's probably a bitch, but she got her shit done. Mostly. I was still glad Harold won.

Sticky: No idea on non-AI recapping, but who knows? The only TWoP shows I know will be airing this summer are Deadwood and Project Runway, both of which already have awesome recappers. As for the boards: don't remind me.