Wednesday, May 17, 2006

American Idol Vote-Off Pool, Top 3

Current Standings:
Jacob -- 9
Joe -- 11
Sarah -- 9

This Week's Picks:
Jacob -- Elliott Yamin
Joe -- Elliott Yamin
Sarah -- Elliott Yamin

The writing does seem to be on the wall. Also: a whole effing hour for three people? I HATE THE HOMETOWNS!


Sars said...

Well, that's the ballgame.

Wing Chun said...

I watched the end of the results show last night (CTV squished The Amazing Race into 1 hour and 47 minutes so it could cut over to Idol, but we didn't know that and hung on in case it was going to be scenes from the next season or something), and...I can't believe a dude that ugly lasted to the final three. It's just as well you won't have to travel back with him to his hometown, by which I mean the bridge he normally lives under. DAMN.

Joe R. said...

Oh, but the visits to home were THIS week. Dammit. The first stop? A pharmacy. Not even kidding.

Also: Yay! I win!

Tipsy McSwiggans said...

Tipsy is back on line and wants another caption contest!!

Wing Chun said...


Well, Yamin is still ugly.

Sars said...

Apropos of last night's broadcast...Daughtry: I love you, but go up a size.