Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Just in case you were looking for an internet diversion I didn't write myself:

Queerty scares the living shit out of me while reporting on the Ryan Seacrest/Teri Hatcher re-nay-sionship. Seriously, check that pic out. You may think you've seen the horror. You haven't.

In the realm of humor that won't scar you for life, check out these fake "The More You Know" clips from the cast of NBC's The Office. I saw they aired a couple last week (Kelly and Ryan's "office relationship" advice was one) and they're the best. Saltines are no laughing matter after all. [Props to ModFab for the link.]

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wolfchick said...

Why anyone would want to read anything but you is beyond me. I know I sure don't. ;) But thanks for the links anyway. I get my Office via TiFaux and skip all the commercials. My favorite? Black jellybeans are gross. "It's just my opinion, but it's true."