Monday, April 17, 2006

New Recap

The audience flips shit, because their fight-or-flight response just dumped gallons of adrenaline into their bloodstreams. Randy liked it: "Taylor's back and he's kickin' [inaudible]!" "Inanimate objects"? "His heroin addiction"? "My last nerve"? Can't tell.

Check out the latest American Idol recap, "Garble, Garble, Hey!" It's up on TWoP now.

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wolfchick said...

Stix, my ears were burnin' a coupla days back, with you callin' me out like that about Makar. Who says I wasn't screaming for Mickey Dolenz? Oh yeah, right. Me.

And did you read this punk's recap, the way he downplayed the Will sighting? No squeal, indeed. I call foul.