Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Guaranteed Funny or Your Money Back!**

** not a guarantee

Speaking of lame-ass, it's time to discuss what Katharine's wearing onstage. I have no idea why nobody on this show can figure out how to dress her well on two consecutive weeks. The past five weeks have gone: pregnant, gorgeous, pregnant while dirndled, free-breastedly beautiful, and now this. This. What is this? This is, for starters, a space western outfit. Like Firefly in theory, if Firefly ever had an episode focusing on a colony of lesbian equestrians. I can only speak about the outfit in metaphor, lest I have to look at it.

The top ten sings songs of the 21st century. How could that possibly go wrong? Find out how in my American Idol recap, "Tuck Nipped."

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Patty M. said...

Had to laugh about your triple nipple comment. Didn't Marky Mark make a career out of just that: ripping off his shirt and flashing the world his triple nipple (and Calvin Klines)?
Thank God I've got an old tv with crappy reception; the fuzziness drives me crazy during Lost, but it was a tremendous blessing to not have to see The Scar in all its hideousness.