Wednesday, April 12, 2006

American Idol Vote-Off Pool: Top 8

Current Standings:
Jacob -- 7
Joe -- 10
Sarah -- 9

This Week's Picks:
Jacob -- Katharine McPhee
Joe -- Katharine McPhee
Sarah -- Ace Young

Only because I'm expecting the worst possible outcome this week. Really, Ace is the only acceptible bootee.

ETA: Two weeks in a row with no correct picks. We are truly awesome. Poor Bucky. Uh, not.


NYOne said...

Say it ain't so! I can't believe you are rooting for the Corpse Bride aka Pickle. She was so frightening last night.
In other news, they should just put you on staff at the NY Times. I assume that was one phone interview that they used for both articles.

Sticky Keys said...
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Sticky Keys said...

I expected Kat too, but I'm so glad to be wrong. It's funny that the one who was most expected to go ended up being the semi-surprise. What a weird show. I heard wolfchick scream when they showed Will "age ain't nothin' but a number" Makar. I heard another scream, but Buffalo is so far so I ruled you out. Hmmm...

ps. Today's word veri said that you were a fliywizz, but then blogger decided to be a punk and called you a lawad.

I wouldn't take that if I were you Joe.

Joe R. said...

1) Actually it was two different interviews. Two different writers. Crazy!

2) All I said was I would probably buy beer for Will and his friends if he asked me! No squeals!

3)Pfft. Blogger is the lawad.