Wednesday, April 19, 2006

American Idol Vote-Off Pool, Top 7

Current Standings:
Jacob -- 7
Joe -- 10
Sarah -- 9

This Week's Picks:
Jacob -- Ace Young
Joe -- Elliott Yamin
Sarah -- Elliott Yamin

So long as it's not Paris, I'm cool. Everyone else looks safe. Taylor and Kellie deserve to be bottom three, but I doubt it.

ETA: A point for the lad from Texas! He's sneaking back into the race, folks.

Updated Standings:
Jacob -- 8

Joe -- 10
Sarah -- 9


Anonymous said...

Chris and Kellie were the weakest this week; Chris's rendition of "Wonderful World" was exceptionally unexceptional, and Kellie was -- well, I liked the shoes. Ace went home because he had his "glorious mane" slicked back like a pimp daddy and because he still hasn't learned to ignore Randy's recommendations to embrace the (horrible!) falsetto.

Terri said...

Great blog!!

Come hang out with us at

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NYOne said...

Joe R, you gushing shamelessly is something I would pay to see.

Sticky Keys said...

I knew something was missing from your sidebar, did you watch Scrubs? Did it completely pwn your Tuesday night? I'd love to know what you thought of it!

Joe R. said...

I actually haven't seen Scrubs in a while. Ever since Veronica Mars moved to Tuesday, my schedule has been too fucked to make room. Same with Sons & Daughters. And lord knows Gilmore Girls fell by the wayside a while ago.

[Word verification: knjkd. For I am the ninja kid. The first "k" is silent. You know it is!]

Sticky Keys said...

Oh Joe, you must watch it, and it's a pretty stand alone ep, but definitely one of the most powerful to date.

I'll give you some incentives:

DR. COX!!!

I don't care how you do it, but you must watch it and comment, otherwise I'll be forced to ask you to start watching Doctor Who with me, and no one should have to do that.

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