Monday, March 27, 2006

Joe Gets Dragged Into Updating the Blog, Kicking and Screaming

Opening up the Low Res mail bag, we're taking a request from long time reader/admirer Mathan:

Are you loving Peter Stormare's VW commercials as much as I am? I'm completely captivated and entertained by them. They could quite possibly be the best thing on commercial TV.

Also what did you think about Jesus' Son and The Woodsman? Feel free to reply either in email or blog form.

Blog form, I think.

Love the Peter Stormare VW commercials. Love them. They're like the best parts of the Mentos ads, Uli the nihilist from Lebowski, and those Saturday Night Live skits with Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen where everyone is named "Nuni." They're so fantastic. "Unpimp your auto" is such an awesome catch phrase. Farfegnugen can go fuck itself, you know?

Also, Peter Stormare really has to come back to Prison Break at some point, doesn't he? I mean, it actually grossed me out to look at him most of the time, and his accent when trying to hit those Mafioso clichés was truly embarrassing. However, last we saw him? Before he got slashed? Remember how he saw Jesus in the rust stain in his cell? Tell me that's not thirteen episodes worth of hilarity just waiting to happen.

Okay, as for the rest: The Woodsman was a decent enough flick, I suppose. I gave it the ten word treatment back in June, and my words then were "quiet and sad." It looked to me like an actor's showcase for Kevin Bacon that never really panned out in the scheme of things. He did a very good job, and that scene with him and the girl on the park bench was insanely uncomfortable. But the truth is, I had to go rifling through my archives to remember what I thought about it, specifically, so it really didn't stick in my head.

Jesus' Son, on the other hand, was a phenomenal movie, and one I really should own. 2000 was such a great year for Billy Crudup. Almost Famous and Jesus' Son in the same year? I'd have nominated him for two Oscars, I honestly would have. There's so much to Jesus' Son, though. Samantha Morton is very good. Jack Black is hysterical. That whole scene in the hospital where everything becomes slapstick all of a sudden? Fantastic. It's like … what if Gus Van Sant made a movie without the sixty second pauses and homo undertones? Not that I object to the homo undertones in Van Sant, obviously. Everybody loved Good Will Hunting. But that's what Jesus' Son is like. I'd like to watch it right now, actually.

Good e-mail, Math!


the "mathan" in question said...

Yeah, I felt the same way about The Woodsman. It's really hard to capture exactly how I felt. I felt uncomfortable when I began to feel sorry for his character. The whole film put me in an interesting place. I felt really dirty for rooting for the guy (to get his life together, not his hobby) and that made me think too much about it.

And yeah, every scene between Kevin and that girl was hard to watch, but that last one had me cringing like a feline cornered by Pepe Le Pew.

I also can't place my finger on what Mos Def did, but he slayed me. I really loved his performance.

I'm also glad to see that someone else dug Jesus' Son. I remembered watching Ebert review it and decided to give it shot late one night. I was blown away. Granted I'm a sucker for flicks about lives in shambles and addictions (see Love Liza) but I really enjoyed every performance. I loved the music I loved the shots. It really hit me.

And according to Entertaiment Weekly Pete will be returning to Prison.

And no, I didn't pose the question just to spill my guts in response; I actually just looking for someone to cosign.

wolfchick said...

Every time Stormare says, "Oh, snap," I collapse into giggles. So awesome.

Sticky Keys said...

Speaking of Billy Crudup, what did you think of Stage Beauty? I ended up loving it despite itself, but I'm not sure that happened. I think that him being a pretty, pretty man helped, but still...

Joe R. said...

Stage Beauty was a movie I thought had potential and squandered it. It only truly comes together during that final rehearsal scene between Crudup and Claire. That was fucking awesome. Everything else was too limp.

That being said, Billy Crudup's performance is exceptional. Maybe the most impressed I've been by his talent. I'd have Oscar nominated him again. For real.

mathan said...

methinks Joe has a mancrush.

Joe R. said...

No offense, Math, but fucking duh.

Sticky Keys said...

I was gonna say, Hotness is not a liability in my book. I loved his performance and cringed when he was at his most pathetic (the whole reauditioning before the king thing was heartbreaking, and finding out his man didn't love him). The ending was odd because while I'm not completely against gay guys and their girls swapping spit, I don't know what the movie was trying to tell me.

Claire Danes always gets a pass from me since she introduced me to Leonardo Dicaprio, James Van Der Beek, and Jude Law.

And My So Called Life, but that's a given. Also, your word verification thinks your an "ODHMMO". That thing is like magic.

Joe R. said...

Ha! That's gorgeous.

And, yeah, the whole "saved by the love of a good woman" stuff in Stage Beauty was bunk. Totally.