Wednesday, March 15, 2006

American Idol Vote-Off Pool, Week 4

Coming at you LIVE from Austin, TX. Just getting the predictions on record, and I'll spruce things up with standings later:

Jacob - Lisa Tucker
Joe - Melissa McGhee
Sarah - Lisa Tucker


Eliminated, Week 4: Melissa McGhee

Points to Date:
This week's points:
Jacob -- 0
Joe -- 1
Sarah -- 0

Standings to Date:
Jacob -- 6
Joe -- 9
Sarah -- 8

Before I can get too enamored with how awesome my first-place ass is, a little dialogue from Wednesday:

Ryan Seacrest: Ace, Kevin, one of you is in the bottom three.
Joe: How lame. Like Ace is gonna be bottom three.
Jacob: He is, dude. Watch.
Joe: You're high.
Seacrest: Ace, you are in the bottom three.
Joe: Whaaaa??
Jacob: Told you.


whatwouldjanicedickinsondo said...

lord, i hope it's lisa tucker. her voice has never struck me as anything special. She only has the 16-sounds-like-30 novelty going for her.

Sticky Keys said...


That's SO awesome.

I'm going with Joe R. I'm mad that Melissa was in the top 12 to begin with, but when you take the most common song from the most common artist and mess up the most common lyric? It's time for you to go.

Lisa would be my second choice, I try to love her, but the girl can't sing really. She looks like she can, and Lord knows she emotes like she can, but she can't and that's sad.

Hope you're having fun in Austin!

wolfchick said...

I totally intended to go to SXSW this year, so I'm completely jealous of you right now.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say goodbye to Bucky. He really didn't pull off the funk/soul vibe of that song really well.

I'm still giggling over Kevin ... HEE!

KC said...

Because Ace really and truly sucked last week. And he went in the first half of the show, which America collectively tried to erase from its memory in a fit of self-preservation. But kudos to you for Melissa. I was half-predicting/half hoping Lisa.

NYOne said...

No one else desperately wants the Covais gone? I can totally handle Bucky and don't mind Lisa, but Chicken Little? MUST. GO. Not so much HEE for me as EW.