Wednesday, March 29, 2006

American Idol Vote-Off Pool: Top 10

Current Standings:
Jacob -- 6
Joe -- 9
Sarah -- 8

This Week's Picks:
Jacob -- Lisa
Joe -- Lisa
Sarah -- Lisa

Yes, again. It's gotta happen now, though, right? Right?? If it's Katharine I'll shit.

ETA: Points for everybody! And I came way too close to my fears being realized. Don't do that again!

Updated Standings:
Jacob -- 7
Joe -- 10
Sarah -- 9


wolfchick said...

I almost cried, seriously. I think she made bottom two on the flouncy side-panel fabric of that heinous outfit alone. Thank GOD it was Lisa.

Sticky Keys said...

Not to comment spam your blog (heh), but I totally called Kat and thought she was going home. I figured her to be the "Learn your lesson America" cut. I'm so happy to be wrong!

re: The celluloid closet is fantastic (I've seen just about every movie featured) and they are working on a new one, but the name escapes me. As well as the date and content so really I'm just being a big tease. Sorry about that.

Thought Criminal said...

For a second, I really believed Katherine was going home. The way Ryan paused before saying Lisa's name, I totally thought he was going for the SHOCKER elimination and was going to say Katherine was leaving. Thank God.