Thursday, February 23, 2006

Because Writing 20 Pages About It Clearly Isn't Enough

My apologies in advance to anyone not interested in this kind of in-house record keeping. I'll be getting back to another song list you can mock soon enough.

Now that the American Idol season has reached the vote-out rounds (read: the good part), my TWoP co-recapper, editor, and I have decided to make it interesting. Each week, we will make our picks as to which AI contestants will be sent home. We'll earn one point for every correct call, the points will accumulate throughout the season, and in the end, the loser have to buy the winner something nice and shiny from their Amazon Wish List.

Why am I telling all you [dis]interested parties this? Um. We needed a place to keep score? That's pretty much it. It's an in-house kind of thing, so I don't blame y'all readers for ignoring these posts with a vengeance. As for my colleagues-cum-competitors? It is so fucking on!

Speaking of which, the participants in the 2006 American Idol "Fuck Pride, I Want a DVD" Vote-Out Pool are …

Jacob Clifton: Recapper, word monger, Cylon apologist, troublemaker.

Sarah Bunting: Editor, cat tormentor, Jersey apologist, Matthew Buckstein stalker.

Joe Reid: Scorekeeper, correction magnet, Ayla Brown apologist, eventual winner.

Week One Picks (4 eliminations)

Jacob: Bobby Bennett, David Radford, Stevie Scott, Melissa McGhee.

Sarah: Bobby Bennett, Patrick Hall, Becky O'Donahue, Heather Cox.

Joe: Bobby Bennett, Gedeon McKinney, Stevie Scott, Heather Cox.

Eliminations tonight at 8pm. May the best me win.


Sars said...

1. You, sir, are going down.

2. That's "Mrs. Buckstein" to you.

Thought Criminal said...

Interesting pics, Joe. I'm sad to see no one predicted the downfall of Brenna Gathers. The show's not on for another hour and a half here in Oregon, and I'm not sure I want to watch in the vain hope that I can see her face when she gets it.

Good luck.

Joe R. said...

Scores after week one:

Jacob: 2(Bobby; Stevie)

Sarah: 3 (Bobby; Patrick; Becky)

Joe: 2(Bobby; Stevie)

bitchinmona said...

Sorry, but my money is on Sarah. She lives for things like this, it seems.

Also? You'd be less of an Ayla Apologist if you lived in Boston, where REAL news is being overshadowed by speculation about whether her Idol appearance is helping or hurting her daddy's political career.

Yeah. Poor, *poor* Ayla. Rough life.