Thursday, January 05, 2006

To Tide You Over

Sorry about the lack of updates this week, you guys. Call it post-holiday inertia. But until I come back with an entry proper, here's a handful of thoughts:

-- Jon Stewart as Oscar host is a phenomenal idea, especially in a year with so many topical films in contention.

-- Vince Young played a phenomenal college football game in the Rose Bowl. That said, he is not a very good pro prospect. Certainly not a top 5 draft pick. Dude throws sidearm, not terribly strongly, and while he's got the jets, half the time he's just shuffling around behind his O-line until a hole opens up. No way he gets that kind of time in an NFL backfield. Yet watch the hype machine go on this guy.

-- Project Runway season 2? Living up to the season 1 hype. Nicky Hilton notwithstanding.

-- American Idol season 5 on Television Without Pity: Now with 100% more me!


j.a.m.ming for 6 more weeks said...

Congratulations on the Idol gig, Joe. I clicked on the link you provided and I'm hoping that by the time the reviews begin that Jacob and the boys at "Television without Pity" will be using your full last name.

"Joe R."?

I'm half expecting a flashback sequence, from years ago, where you sign off:

"...I'm Joey Brockelstein."

It would explain a lot.

Joe R. said...

See, I was thinking more like I'm the grown-up version of a toddler who falls down a well ("pray for Baby Joey R"). That, or perhaps someone who got raped by a Kennedy. Either way, there's a Lifetime movie about me somewhere.

JavierAG said...

So is it just me or is the Phoenix storyline the coolest comic thread ever!!

Ivo Delgado Rivero said...

Hi! in your list of most anticipated films of 2006 you have forgotten volver (return), the new film of Pedro Almodovar

Ivo Delgado Rivero said...

please take a visit to my blog


javier, it's not just you. the phoenix storyline is the best comic book narrative ever. etc...

and congrats joe on the twop gig.

Thought Criminal said...

Congrats on the TWOP job, Joe. I discovered this blog (which I am enjoying) after reading the latest recap over there. Awesome work!